HAARP Heatwave Broils North East From Boston To Virginia & Maryland To Chicago

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die

A heatwave is broiling the East Coast of America, while moving backwards, from Boston up into Canada, as far south as Maryland/Virginia and as far west as Chicago and Indiana.

The oppressive heat pummeling large portions of the Eastern U.S. this week is all kinds of wrong, with the heat index on Thursday topping 100 degrees Fahrenheit in Washington D.C., Baltimore, and John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. And here’s one more thing to hold against it: the heat is going the wrong way

Does this bizarre ‘backwards’ heatwave have anything to do with HAARP? Rumors are it’s been closed down. Will it come back online or is this just a rumor? Did this ‘closure’ of HAARP have anything to do with Edward Snowden releasing HAARP ‘mind control documents’? Mark Dice examines the ‘release’ of these documents in the video below. Additionally  TheWeatherSpace.com  also now has access to their own HAARP induction magnetomer as shared here.:

Haarp Alaska went down, or they shut the data off, but here at TheWeatherSpace.com network we have one that is used in tandem to produce our frequency maps.

This one is located in Washington State and measures disturbances and their frequencies of the HAARP projects.  Other magnetometers see a variety of frequencies, but our magnetometer has been set to only pinpoint that of which HAARP runs.

Updates are ‘near’ real-time or when we poll data.  Data will not be missed.  If we poll it every 6-12 hours you’ll see what happens in-between.


4 thoughts on “HAARP Heatwave Broils North East From Boston To Virginia & Maryland To Chicago

  1. Strange that here in the UK it is warmer than some parts of the Mediterranean as Britain is pounded by 30 degrees plus unrelenting heat, melting roads and hundreds dead.

    The last time we had heat like this was in 1976 where for 4 months or more Britain had 30 degrees plus weather that led to a national emergency, I remember that summer so well when the searing heat burst the tyres on my pushbike and many trips to hospital for chronic sunburn,

    1. I was in the UK(manchester/newcastle/bridlington) during that heatwave. I am from AU and i thought it was a bit on the hot side.

  2. Just because Alaska’s HAARP appears to be closed on the outside, doesn’t mean that there is nothing going on underground from the inside. I think the whole HAARP thing is just one big show. In the meantime, they are using that show to continue with HAARP while at the same time looking for International Fascist corporations to buy it out in order to put the power into the hands of the private sector so they don’t have to abide by any country’s jurisdiction and give all the power to the Global government. It’s a power transfer. That’s all it is.

    1. No doubt NC. Remember that the so called ameican govt. was going to sell off Alaska – or atleast parts sof Alaska to Rusia or some other govt.not too many years ago. Now all of a sudden HAARP get s shut down.? I call BS on this. Lets just see who buys this HAARP and then listen to our govt.s excusess for sellin it.HAARP is bullsh*t. .

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