Had enough ‘Big Lie’ crimes from US leaders to demand arrests, or do you need even more death, debt, lies?

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US and developed nations’ escalate “Big Lie” crimes in Earth’s tragic-comedy, centered in:

The solutions are pretty obvious:  

  1. Stop the war-murders and arrest the War Criminals.
  2. Enact monetary and credit reform to end public debt, have full-employment, and create the best infrastructure we can imagine.
  3. Arrest corporate media liars and communicate comprehensive facts.

The gap between these elegantly powerful solutions and our planetary tragic-comedy can be assessed in one way by public demand to arrest OBVIOUSLY criminal “leaders” in government, debt/“money”, and corporate media.

The extent the US public recognizes crimes that annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions so as to demand arrests is a key indicator of how close we are to victory. 

Importantly: victory will happen in an “Emperor’s new clothes” moment as those of us writing and reading in alternative media continue real leadership by intellectual integrity and moral courage to think, speak and act for what we find as the most important facts.

The facts do speak for themselves. The US public would easily recognize similar outrageous “Big Lies” if they occurred in sports when allowed to see the facts for themselves. And please note that war law is sooooo much easier to understand than many of the rules we master in our favorite sports.

Play your game with passion and pride, citizens.

This is “winning time.”

Our opponents seem to be self-destructing. Consider:

Advanced Truth ~ A gonzo ride through the noospere (compendium of our escalating tragic-comedy)

The end of us all: Washington is beating the war drums

Obama to Congress: I don’t need new permission on Iraq

Iraq: The US sponsored sectarian “Civil War” is a “War of Aggression”, the “Supreme International Crime”

IRS now says it has lost emails from six more accounts tied to the investigation of its targeting of tax-exempt groups and IRS has a contract for e-mail backup

Buying up the planet: out-of-control central banks on a corporate buying spree

And two short biting videos of our condition:

It’s like this, kid (4-minutes)

Are you a dumb ass or mad as hell! (7-minutes)



3 thoughts on “Had enough ‘Big Lie’ crimes from US leaders to demand arrests, or do you need even more death, debt, lies?

  1. There are a lot of people who need to be “arrested” before we can restore sanity to our republic.

    1. All cops.
    2. Most federal employees
    3. Everyone in the banking business.
    4. The entire board of directors of every multi-national corporation, and their major shareholders too.
    5. The majority of licensed doctors.
    6. Everyone in Hollywood, and everyone in the TV business.
    7. Everyone who crossed the border illegally.
    8. Everyone who is supporting this commie takeover
    9. Etc., etc.

    The point being is that there won’t be time to give everyone a fair trial, so it might be necessary to shoot any of the above, and many more not mentioned above, if they don’t immediately surrender, and walk themselves into prison peaceably.

  2. Arresting everybody and restoring order by voting in the right people is too complicated and time-consuming. It would be much simpler if each of us took some personal responsibility and stopped funding these criminals. Why? Well for starters it’s against the law to financially support terrorists, money launders, drug trafficking, Child abusers and ritual child sacrifices (and this is the tip of their criminal ice burg); all of which our government does on a regular basis. Since this is how they use our money, it’s technically illegal for us to pay taxes the way I see it.

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