3 thoughts on “Hammer and Sickle Pope

  1. Click the photo, save the original, and blow it up (Ctrl +) on your computer, and tell me there isn’t something funny about that “Christ” on the hammer.

    It looks like a woman, in a strange position on that “Crucifix”, and it’s certainly different than any depiction of Christ on the cross that I’ve ever seen before.

    I hope I don’t offend any Catholics, but that old freak is a pedophile baby killer too. The Vatican was subverted during the papal election of 1957, and the Catholic church has been a tool of the Zionists ever since.

    1. The Catholic Church was created by unsaved Jews who were captured by Rome in 70 ad.
      Created to specifically pervert the church of Christ/Christian Church.
      There is no mention of a Catholic in the new testament whatsoever.

    2. The catholic church got it’s start with none other than the famed historian, Flavius Josephus.

      He was a Jewish priest that was spiritually corrupted – a result of the lingering influence upon the priesthood during the Babylon captivity many years earlier.

      Josephus shrewdly RE-interpreted (!!!) the Messianic prophecies of God’s Word!

      In Babylon, the captured priesthood was taught to interpret God’s Word with Babylon doctrine – the catholic church is a carbon copy of this today.

      He wasn’t killed in a.d. 70, but was taken under the ‘Roman wing’ of protection.
      He had a great understanding of ‘religious power over the people’ – along with his Roman friends, the catholic church was created to do just that!

      Josephus was greatly rewarded in his day – land, position, etc.

      The catholic church has ALWAYS been Babylonian!

      The cc worships Semiramis as ‘god’.

      She was the Babylonian goddess who was married to Nimrod of Babylon – ‘Mary’ is the Christian name they have given to her today.

      The cc not only teaches that she was ‘without sin’, but that she is CO-redeemer with Christ.

      In other words, a CO-savior.

      This is probably why the image on the cross above looks very feminine.

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