Hammer and Sickle Pope

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  1. Jolly Roger says:

    Click the photo, save the original, and blow it up (Ctrl +) on your computer, and tell me there isn’t something funny about that “Christ” on the hammer.

    It looks like a woman, in a strange position on that “Crucifix”, and it’s certainly different than any depiction of Christ on the cross that I’ve ever seen before.

    I hope I don’t offend any Catholics, but that old freak is a pedophile baby killer too. The Vatican was subverted during the papal election of 1957, and the Catholic church has been a tool of the Zionists ever since.

    • will E coyote. Super genius says:

      The Catholic Church was created by unsaved Jews who were captured by Rome in 70 ad.
      Created to specifically pervert the church of Christ/Christian Church.
      There is no mention of a Catholic in the new testament whatsoever.

    • Second Witness says:

      The catholic church got it’s start with none other than the famed historian, Flavius Josephus.

      He was a Jewish priest that was spiritually corrupted – a result of the lingering influence upon the priesthood during the Babylon captivity many years earlier.

      Josephus shrewdly RE-interpreted (!!!) the Messianic prophecies of God’s Word!

      In Babylon, the captured priesthood was taught to interpret God’s Word with Babylon doctrine – the catholic church is a carbon copy of this today.

      He wasn’t killed in a.d. 70, but was taken under the ‘Roman wing’ of protection.
      He had a great understanding of ‘religious power over the people’ – along with his Roman friends, the catholic church was created to do just that!

      Josephus was greatly rewarded in his day – land, position, etc.

      The catholic church has ALWAYS been Babylonian!

      The cc worships Semiramis as ‘god’.

      She was the Babylonian goddess who was married to Nimrod of Babylon – ‘Mary’ is the Christian name they have given to her today.

      The cc not only teaches that she was ‘without sin’, but that she is CO-redeemer with Christ.

      In other words, a CO-savior.

      This is probably why the image on the cross above looks very feminine.

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