5 thoughts on “HANDS OFF! – SHAWN GALLAWAY

  1. I was happy to see a song about rising up, but all those masks. Were they fighting against those masks or accepting them? Hard to say.

  2. Same thoughts here Galen. I took notice of the credits where they thanked American Frontline Doctors. I’ve been skeptical of that group from the start as they are always shown standing around in white coats proclaiming they are for “medical freedom” whatever the f*ck that is. How about just basic FREEDOM OF CHOICE?! To me “medical” means J. D. Rockafella approved alopathic medicine & to that I personally say “no thanks”! Apart from some surgical repair techniques that shit got us where we are today & actually makes people sick & kills them!

    This video should’ve ended with ALL the kids wearing masks ripping them off, stomping on them then throwing them into a big heap & burning them while cheering. That would’ve sent a WAY more powerful message of rebellion as in “F*CK YOU!!!” All this half-assed sh*t is just hitting at the feels like the MSM does but not actually getting us anywhere IMHO. I imagine a bunch of soccer mums singing along to this & then washing down a valium with an aspartame-laced sugar-free soda to kill the pain of their boring go-along-to-get-along lives…

    1. Thanks. I’d like to think that whatever moves it all forward a bit is welcome and helpful, but how damn hard-pressed we are to scrutinize every single motive. I do believe that when The Bill of Rights is fully enforced, integrity with blossom and shine.


        1. Haha! I guess it depends what platform you’re using. I’m on a pc & when I re-opened this page to see your response I still had 28 minutes left to edit my first comment!

          But yes, agreed on the rest. Personally I think probably the most important step the entire world has to take is getting rid of usury & debt. No need to explain the detail of that here & now but good things for humanity will surely follow that big step 😉

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