Hands Up, Don’t Sing: Idaho Nazi Brownshirt Cops Arrest Christians While Singing Hymns For Violation Of Unconstitutional Mask Order

Washington Standard – by Tim Brown

Each of the criminal cops that executed the unconstitutional order to arrest Christians who were singing hymns in the parking lot of city hall in Moscow, Idaho should be arrested themselves, charged and removed from any capacity of public service.  Yet, does anyone think that’s going to happen?  Nope, not a chance unless Christians start taking a stand against the tyranny and bringing the law to bear against tyrants and their agents of the state.

The Church is pastored by author Douglas Wilson.

Todd Starnes reports:

The five individuals were cited for being in violation of Moscow’s mask/social distancing order, Moscow Police Chief James Fry told the Daily News.

As many as 200 people turned out for the “Flash Psalm Sing” sponsored by Moscow’s Christ Church.

“Well, it happened,” one observer wrote on Twitter. “The Moscow (Idaho) Police Department arrested my kids’ music teacher and his wife the basketball coach for singing without social distancing at a Psalm Sing protest. The music is beautiful.”

Two people were handcuffed as hundreds sang “Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow.”

“Why are the citizens not putting a stop to this? They work for the public hold them accountable. Up to and including armed resistance,” one observer asked on social media.

Every police officer and every elected leader involved in this depraved attack on the U.S. Constitution should be removed from office. And the Justice Department should launch a civil rights investigation.

Sadly, the Trump DOJ has been all bark and no bite on this issue up to this point.  While Trump may contact Pastor John MacArthur to thank him for his stand, he’s done absolutely nothing to make sure the laws are faithfully executed (Article 2, Section 3 of the US Constitution) regarding the infringements of the rights of Christians under the guise of the COVID hoax that he and his administration perpetrated on the American people for months, day after day through the likes of daily press conferences with Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx.  And they still cannot prove it even exists!

This kind of behavior by civil authorities is unconstitutional, a clear violation of the First Amendment’s protections, and makes them into common criminals against the people.

What I want to know is why did the Christians not intervene in the matter and shame the cops making the arrests.

Watch the interview below that includes Latah County Commission candidate Gabriel Rench, one of the men arrested.

Washington Standard

3 thoughts on “Hands Up, Don’t Sing: Idaho Nazi Brownshirt Cops Arrest Christians While Singing Hymns For Violation Of Unconstitutional Mask Order

  1. Why did Christians not defend the rights of their fellow Christians? Easy–they have no clue as the context of verses such as “love thy enemy and turn the other cheek” and so they think that it is okay to let lawlessness win the day….when Christ Himself did the opposite and overturned the tables of the looters aka moneychangers…I am getting sick and tired of Christians being the “sheep”….”to the slaughter.” And then there is Romans 13 (Baldwin at least understands this one)….so be good slaves and let “the Romans” take all of your rights away…. Gee, will you folks finally get the context when you are in FEMA camps about to get decapitated (Noahide or not)?

    1. Yeah, DL, I saw it in the same light. I know the people should have jumped in, should have charged the bastards. They certainly had the numbers. This made me sad as hell, and pissed, especially because of how it reflects some past personal experience I had. More on that in a moment. Anyhow, if only real religion emphasized fighting evil, not just with intention, but physically with hands and fists, and whatever can be mustered. Imagine if this was at the core of all religious teaching! But no…. Non-violence is hailed as the spiritual end-all to all conflicts. Non-violence is really another way of saying surrender, submit, heel, give in, cave, agree to your own slavery. On that personal experience… I remember my younger days when in the anti-war protests, the “training” was, “If the police come at you, just calmly sit down in place with folded legs and hands in lap.” Back then I couldn’t see how disgusting that was. More and more (and many have known for years) most religion is being fully revealed as the right arm of the enemy.


  2. Does anyone remember the biology of the japanese killer hornets?
    Once a killer hornet enters the hive of a japanese honey bee they let it come in just far enough and then surround the offending hornet and roast it to death with their own body heat. That is what these Christians should have done.

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