Happy Birthday To Our Bill of Rights!!!

I just finished reading “The Birth Of The Bill Of Rights, 1776-1791”  Robert Allen Rutland.  This book should be in the home library of every American National and a MUST for those who have chosen (in their wisdom) to home school.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Our Bill of Rights!!!

  1. Thanks, Mary. So glad you enjoyed the book. I’ve only read excerpts on-line so far. I’m waiting for my copy to arrive. Coming by boat so it could take another month. Ha!! But I look forward to reading it.

    I got to thinking that we have a new litmus test: Those who speak openly in favor of The Bill of Rights and those who do not. It used to be that 9/11 truth was the litmus test; then it moved to who will speak about Jewish power. Now it is The Bill of Rights. Anyone who isn’t promoting and advancing it fails the litmus test.


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