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Happy Father’s Day

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6 Responses to Happy Father’s Day

  1. Bob M says:

    I know it’s late Galen, but the song got me all sentimental, I wanted to say something to my dad.
    Tears in the coffee, with a catatonic stare
    Today it’s father’s day, not going anywhere
    So I was thinking of you today dad
    And the great times that we had
    GI Joes and BB guns and cherry bombs
    Things were different then
    Just takin this moment, to let you know I miss you friend

    • galen says:

      Bob, beautiful words to your dad. Made me cry, too. I’ll just add,

      Seems to me he’s hearing you
      what once was real is ever true
      Coffee, tears, remembering
      love, a constant, lingering
      Dads who give and dads who care
      dads who help us deal with fear
      dads who do the best they can
      turn a boy into a man


    • mary in TX says:

      Bob, galen……that was lovely

      • galen says:

        Thanks, Mary.



        • Bob M says:

          That is awesome Galen!!! I mean it. Maybe some more from you?
          Glad to hear you cry- it’s part of being whole.
          Thanks Mary and Galen!
          I lost my dad long ago, you know, he was hip to the JQ.

          • galen says:

            When poets find each other. Ha, there’s a poem there somewhere.

            Thanks Bob. Hundreds of poems have I. Many are of the non-rhyming variety, but here at The Trenches I mostly use the rhyme. Have been reticent to post too many. Maybe you’ll draw out more poets. Words can be powerful weapons.


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