13 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day to All Our Trencher Daddies

  1. Thanks, Angel. I looked last night, and again this morning, but couldn’t find a decent Father’s Day article to send in.

  2. Henry and family,

    A special day for one hell of a special man! Like yourself and many of the other
    special fathers on our site, we hug our children hard on days like this.

    And a special hug to my friend Angel for remembering an awesome fathers day post.

    Our fight goes on, and our sons and daughters will follow.

    God bless us all!

  3. Thank you Angel and to all Trenchers and those that make this site possible(yes, you Henry!) I wish you Happy Fathers Day. Many of us here have children that will not wish us the same and I hope for their sake as well as ours they may understand someday why we as fathers have malice in our hearts towards those who commit evils against us. We did not ask for this fight but we are morally compelled to resist this tyrannical onslaught and fight not only for our existence, but for our children’s existence. Many fathers here have been cast off by our children because of our eleutheromanic ideas and I feel for you as I am in that situation as well. To this I do not say “misery loves company”. I will instead say “there is strength in numbers”. Happy Fathers Day

    1. Thank you Angel 🙂 Big hugs and much love to you for a trying day. It means a lot to me at these times and is greatly appreciated.

        1. I do see all the good people here at the Trenches as family. Thanks again. I am in it to win it and nothing good comes without sacrifice. One of many and definitely the hardest but apathy is consent. Not happening on this end. You stay strong too and keep giving em hell:-)

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