21 thoughts on “Happy New Year From the Trenches!

  1. If one more person tells me to “have a happy new year” ahhhhhh

    stop telling me what to do! -just kidding-

    May this year be the most fruitful and joyous for every creature on this rock. And doubly so for everyone here in the trenches.

  2. Henry, Laura, and everyone else here at the trenches: Happy New Year! I hope 2015 will be the year the final fight to restore the Republic will begin!

  3. Happy New Year Henry, Laura and my extended Family in The Trenches. May God make 2015 the Year America, with the help of American Nationals Route out these Godless Commie S.O.B’S and sends them straight to Hell! Amen!

  4. May we each one make it a great year, day by day. All of God’s blessings and bounty to all Trenchers! Do some extra push ups for me as you stick to your resolution to exercise more, thank you.

  5. Best wishes and Happy New Year to Henry and family and JD too. A Happy New Year to all the good folks in the Trenches!

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