13 thoughts on “Happy New Year From the Trenches!

  1. Happy New Year to you and yours, Henry.
    And to ALL the posters on FTT

    p.s.I am SO jazzed! This is the very first time I’ve EVER gotten reception at my brother’s ‘dead zone’ house.


  2. I have another 1hr and 45min. before the damned ball drops. But all the same that ball doesn`t mean diddly to me so I guess I got to Wish you all good guys out there the very best of new years and the best and safest year to look forward to. Let us all be prepard!!! LET US ALL HERE BE POSITIVE AND FOCUSED. HAPPY NEW YEAR YA`LL!!

  3. Liberty, Freedom & Prosperity to all fellow Patriots in the coming New Year. May our oppressors weapons jam, their feet tread on thorns & their blood water the battlefields.

  4. We completed another revolution around the sun.

    2013.. Its going to be interesting for all of us.

    Happy , New Year. to readers and writers.

  5. Happy New Year everyone. This is indeed going to be an interesting year. The NY Times is ringing in the new year with an article declaring we should give up on the Constitution. It was written by a professor of Constitutional law. Sneaky, treasonous, parasitic mf’s. RT has an article referring to Obama as the American Gorbachev whose mission is the controlled demise of the US. Yes of course we’ve all been talking about this for a while now but it seems they’re ready to flaunt their true identity in front of our faces. Yes folks, enjoy the New Year and make sure you let your families and friends know that you love them because tomorrow is the beginning of 2013 and it is definitely going to be an interesting year. Thank you Henry and the others here at FTTWR. God bless you all.

  6. Well they just dropped the F`n ball that will signal a $3400.00+ tax increase for the average family!!! It makes me sick to see all of those smiling millionair/billionairs grinning ear to ear. Yup it makes me F`n sick……… P.S. I guess that I should say that that was the ball broadcasted on ABC out of New York.

  7. My Fellow Patriots,

    Happy New to all the regulars here,.. and all the irregulars!

    Cutting to the chase –

    We know Obama and our treasonous gov’t have gone “all-in” and will be making every attempt to disarm us so they may commence the final phase of Operation: Global Enslavement.

    Disarming us will all them to easily finish, 1) Extracting any remaining wealth, 2) Confiscate any remaining private property, 3) Exterminate.

    Since those 20 children and adults in connecticut were slaughtered by our own gov’t, a CIA-Vector-Team with a mossad agent, they will not have any hesitations about other methods or massacres to justify disarming.

    You now must think about the most important decision you are going to make in your life:

    What is your “threshold moment” when you go from “Ordinary-Citizen”, raise and point your firearm at a gov’t goon,.. and go to “Patriot-Fighter”?

    This is not a decision to be made lightly, as once you do it,.. its a one-way ticket.

    From that point forward, as far as the gov’t is concerned, you are a criminal that should be exterminated, or arrested and made an example of to discourage others.

    Think well on this my fellow patriots,.. if you hesitate when the time comes,.. your dead or FEMA Camp Fodder,.. if you react to soon,.. your balsted into meat confetti, or arrested and put in jail for pretty much the remainder of your life.

    This is the most important thought you will consider in your life,.. choose wisely.

    JD – US Marines – It is time.

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