19 thoughts on “Happy New Year, Trenchers!

  1. Thanks, Paul. I love fireworks! Where I live there will be many fireworks this evening and on into the early hours. I love ’em but my dog doesn’t. So I have to spend every New Year’s eve with him. Used to be he wouldn’t get off my lap. Now he’s a little more used to ’em and just sits at my feet ’till the bombing stops. We mommies have very important jobs.



      1. Me either. (and that’s why I’m up early on New Year’s Day)

        Too many lunatics prowling the streets who only drink once per year. The hard-core drunks call it “amateur night”.

  2. My New Years resolutions for…


    1.) Stop smoking cigarettes.
    2.) Stop drinking.
    3.) Stop smoking weed.
    4.) Stop enjoying life.

    That’s right I said 2019.

    2018 is to close for #4.

    Happy New Year everyone. ..!!!!

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