Hard Proof! Chemtrails caught in the act.. This is Hard Evidence.. Undeniable!

Before It’s News

After my last article I posted related to Chemtrails (HERE) and then after searching to see which sites picked up the article trying to discredit the facts I presented, I had to find even more HARD PROOF that can not be debunked. As if the previous article needed any more evidence anyway.

This below video is clear-as-a-bell footage PROVING they are spraying us like bugs. The spray coming out is clearly NOT coming from the jet engine. 

I did love the positive feedback on my prior article, both here on B4IN and to My Facebook Page thanking me for writing it and presenting such hard evidence.. Yet, there is always the Dis-Info agents or to put it bluntly.. The Ignorant and Uniformed or worse, the Complicit. Have a peek at the Prior Article I wrote and see if you think the image is a Fire Plane or not as the below mentioned site says it is trying to debunk my post.

Surely this video will open many eyes and even convince the biggest skeptic. If this does not convince them TPTB are doing this to us. I give up… NOT!

Here is the site trying to Debunk my prior article.. Now!
Lets see them Try to Debunk this one.. *smh*

And if that caught red-handed video was not enough to wake sleeping people up.(?) Listen to these scientist in the below video explain the contents (and more) within Chemtrails at the ChemTrail Seminar by Sofia Smallstorm.

This Video Explains What a ChemTrail is, why what who when and where. Scientific Proof that ChemTrails are BAD for all Living things on this earth! Get a hot beverage and hunker down to WATCH this entire Video and then Watch it again! Be sure to SHARE it with EVERYONE you know that’s interested in ChemTrails or wants to learn more!

ChemTrails are being Sprayed OVER your home! Get involved in what is getting Sprayed Right on YOU, your friends and loved ones.. Contact your State Governor and Senators through their Websites. We need MORE people to record whats Going on Above your Heads.. How about you? LQQk Up People! Get involved in what is getting DUMMPED in the SKY, Video Whats going on, Create your OWN YouTube Channel and UPLOAD and make Public what they are doing to us..
Also I encourage Everyone to search for and WATCH the Documentary ” What In the World Are they Spraying? ” It has SCIENTIFIC FACTS and many statements from REAL SCIENTISTS with PhD’s that will TELL you that ChemTrails ARE REAL and that they are DANGEROUS and BAD for Humans, Animals Plants and Tree’s!

Here’s a boatload of Images showing entire regions of trees dying, thanks to Chemtrails


5 thoughts on “Hard Proof! Chemtrails caught in the act.. This is Hard Evidence.. Undeniable!

  1. Ok, folks, here’s your definitive proof the Evilists of the World & our our Govt are slowly killing & waging war on all of humanity. Notice the 747 was marked with Evergreen International lettering, the same company that supposedly closed its doors on Nov. 31, 2013, &, was in concert with the CIA & HAARP…….Great article & when I absorb more of the videos & go thru some of my past notes I’ll respond again…….Keep exposing & continue to fight for Liberty, Freedom, Justice & Truth——By the way, I watch on a daily basis, the spraying going on above Western Washington, the patterns are always the same, west to east & north to south or vise versa, &, always to affect the Jet Stream…..That’s obviously why the severe weather across the nation……

  2. In the first instance let me be clear that I actually do believe that chem-trails are for real, geo-engineering certainly exists, has been looked into behind the scenes for decades, certainly has been explored as a weapon and I do think the mad bastards in power are insane enough to play with such lunacy….. Power seems to bring a unique and unrivalled detachment from reality and sanity.

    But, the video titled “Hard Core Proof Chemtrails are REAL”, in all sincerity what I see there I am 99.9% certain is fuel dumping.

    1. In the second instance, let me be perfectly clear. I’m one of those people these mother f#@kers have been spraying like a cockroach for years. I watched that video and I have seen the very same thing through my binoculars. And yes, they are easily coming close enough now to see what they are doing without a doubt. If they were dumping jet fuel, it would smell like jet fuel because the front the hundreds of them create is a cloud. It does not. I have smelled it. I live in a high mountain basin and these mother f#@kers are putting it right on the deck to the point it looks like rain coming out of a cloud.
      I don’t know how you thought some double speak like “I actually believe chemtrails are real” was going to get you past scrutiny.
      Tell you what you have one quick chance to explain yourself or you can just simply go somewhere else.
      Your call.

  3. The ONLY good thing about chemtrails is that they are so obvious.

    It’s the one facet of the NWO’s agenda that I’ve had the easiest time convincing some people of.

  4. If they’re dumping fuel then it’s the same jets dumping the same fuel, the same way, day after day, after day, west to east & north to south or vice-versa, sometimes 3 & 4 planes at a time at different altitudes……The nay-sayers of the Planet drive me nuts & are the reason Congress is in such a bag of s_ _ t! Also, fuel is not dumped by accessory tubes near the end of the wings, it is valved directly integral to the respective tank to be dumped…..

    I will not be deterred in my battle to expose the Evilists of the World & crusade for Liberty, Freedom, Justice & Truth

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