Hard Proof of Crisis Actors in Baltimore arch-Zionist Riot Hoax

Hard Proof of Crisis Actors in Baltimore arch-Zionist Riot HoaxNodisinfo

Make no mistake about it regarding the so-called black mob riots in Baltimore this is a Zionist plot, proven by evidence of the events on-site. Consider the video included in this post featuring arch-Zionist agent Jake Tapper. It is filled with lies, entirely inflammatory: absolutely false. It is a set-up by Zionist-controlled CNN, make evidently clear by the voice inflections and arch-fabrications spewed by Tapper.

The proof is undeniable. In many respects it was a fully staged event, proven by a thorough analysis of the information at hand.  

The police knew the exact time of the event, when it was supposed to start, the media already being in place. Then, how could this be a spontaneous protest by angry, agitated African-American people?

Even so, there were certain ‘riots’ which were likely spontaneous. This posts covers one element which was obviously staged.

Hard proof of staging, undeniable

It’s a black man and a white man pointing fingers at each other. Seems reasonable enough. Yet, it is not, because it is fake.

The camera-person is well positioned in both the foreground (off screen) and also in the background. These are both crisis actors, put in place well in advance. It’s astonishing but true the riots were fully staged, and so is the fire seen in the image above. It’s not a real fire from petrol-based flammables but is, rather, a mere pyrotechnic Hollywood-style fake.

What’s the purpose of the switch-around? What’s he so excited about? Those are just pyrotechnic smoke-related devices with pyrotechnic fire: no need to panic. What happened to all the looters anyway?

Now, what is he doing here, while with the same mouth-open expression? This time he’s with a bunch of fake protesters, more crisis actors? What was the payola for their participation? What’s he doing having his back to the police officers? Does he really, though, seem compelling, like a real angry protester? In fact, he looks and acts like an actor. Who can prove otherwise?

Why stuff a young girl up against the police like that? Does that make any sense in a real dangerous mob riot? Oh, how absolutely fake it is.

See this arch-hoaxer. It seems reasonable enough. Yet, it isn’t, because it is an arch-fake:


Sure it is, black power, right, as he raises his police tape-covered fist in the air. Sure, he is angry, absolutely: sure. The woman doesn’t seem too fired up. Moreover, our rebellious protester is surrounded by men with high-end HD cameras, like the one he himself is carrying. What’s the purpose of such a camera in a real riot-like protest?


Is that not him, again? Can anyone believe it. Now, he strips off his clothes, once again while surrounded by HD cameras. The police are completely oblivious of him. Or, are they?


Looks like he’s trying to hide the camera in this scene.


It’s the same person. Moreover, he is a crisis actor for sure. Yet, the police were indifferent to him, right?


He’s one of them. What else could be the conclusion?

Sure it’s real, actual riots and protests, spontaneous ones, right after the funeral of Freddie Gray. Right: who believes such nonsense?

The nature of this arch-crisis actor in this scam has already been fully established, the woman in the fake purse snatching scene. She is ubiquitous, one of the main actors in this fraud. It is clear from her posturing that she is acting. The low-cut dress and the tight skirt are all a part of the act. How did she get around so well in this crisis with those high heels?


crisisactors provenbalt

For certain this is staged by the Zionists. Moreover, they have the full power to do so. There is not a smudge mark or scratch on her; the clothes are perfect. It’s necessary; she is the hero on the scene attempting to prevent mayhem and destruction.

Yet, despite the obviously canned nature of this image the caption reads:


Yet, that’s odd. Why would she wait around after being rescued by the fake hero with the backpack?


What happened to the back pack hero? Why didn’t he stay around to keep rescuing her?



The disappearance of ‘hero-boy’ is hard proof of the fraud. Regardless, this is obviously staged. It cannot be regarded as a real, spontaneous protest in response to a death from excessive force. There is nothing spontaneous or happenstance about it. Instead, it is all planned.

Just like the purse-snatching scene:

Notice the backward slant of the stance of both the ‘snatcher’ and the ‘victim.’ Also, notice, now that the fake protest scene is winding down how the people are all milling about and are not walking down the street chanting or dong anything else.

What is he holding in his hand?


Does he look like  a purse snatcher? Moreover, who would do so while holding that item in his hand?


The mayor knows it’s a fake. In fact, she is coordinating the fraud, stating publicly that nothing will be done to police against the ‘violence.’


9 thoughts on “Hard Proof of Crisis Actors in Baltimore arch-Zionist Riot Hoax

  1. Was temped to roll through the comments below the pics one at a time with a retort, after reading about half way through I realized this article is complete junk.

    The cop w/ the smile/laugh?
    Maybe he saw someone getting the shit pounded out of them and likes that?

    Here are two examples of ‘grasping at straws’ becing declared ‘hard evidence’:

    Purse snatcher – note each person has a backward stance/
    That is weird, should the snatcher be charging into the victim once he has the purse in grasp?

    Should the victim move toward the guy as she tries to retain control said purse?

    We know the gov is directly or indirectly related in most bad large scale events in this nation including this ‘riot’.

    Is Nodisinfo (source) that hard up for an article?

  2. They are going to keep this up and one day someone is going to ring out some fury from the bell tower. The headlines will read…zionists and their shills take heavy fire from expert marksman. All dead. Some ammo remains.

    Keep shukkin and jivin and showing your true colors. Even the radio is calling bs on the race baiting. And zionism is being talked about at local bars. The retarded proletariat are hip to the swindle.

    I keep hearing the theme from M.A.S.H. “suicide is painless” la la. Laaa

  3. Isn’t it amazing how the Baltimore mayor looks just like Michelle Obama? Is it me or do all of the Commies have the same ogre looking face nowadays?

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