Hard Proof Sydney Hostage Crisis was a Movie Set

Hard Proof Sydney Hostage Crisis was a Movie SetNoDisInfo

This information represents hard proof—absolute proof—that the Sydney hostage crisis and resultant murders were not a true hostage crisis or murders in the least. Instead, as demonstrated here they were absolute fakes: no hostages were taken, no one died, no one was shot, and no one was injured.

By no means can anyone dispute these findings. They are absolute, that is impossible to refute. It is a wretched, terminal lie, all orchestrated by the criminally corrupt war-mongering and war-generating arch-Zionist cabal.  

The Sydney purported hostage/kidnapping event, that supposedly ended in two murders, is now proven to be a non-issue, that is a non-event. It was a movie set, and this will be demonstrated categorically. There is little to any need to waste any further time on this fraud. It was a kind of Hollywood-style terror hoax with a modest Australian flavor. All the people involved in the imagery who are seemingly involved in dramatic events are mere paid crisis actors.


The drama of fake actors has been demonstrated, here, earlier, as a post on the Fake Dead and Wounded of this terminally corrupt fabrication. Notice the use of mere red paint which has been applied by moulage experts to her lower legs and ankles. There are surely no gunshot wounds to those lower legs, and this was the acclaimed means behind any deaths and/or injuries. Regardless, if she were shot in those lower legs, she would never be transported in such a way. Rather, she would be rendered supine for purposes of preventing and/or minimizing further loss of blood. This posture/imagery is strictly for movie-making purposes, which begins the proof here of the degree of the scam.

The individual is none other than arch-Zionist agent Marcia Mikhael, who appeared prominently on a video where an ISIS flag is seen in the background.

Here she is with her husband, George Michael:

Bulgarian Jewish Names


based on Moscona, I.: “The origin of the Jewish Bulgarian Names”, 1967. … Mezan, Mikhael (Michael),Mikhaelogli…

No doubt, Mikhael is a Zionist agent, in fact, an agent of the Mossad. They are surely dual Israeli-Australian citizens, working for high level Zionist infiltrators in the Australian government. In this regard it should be kept in mind that this Israeli played one of the most prominent roles in this scam.
She just went in for a cup of coffee, and there it was, a Sephardic Jew fake imitating a Muslim, ready to launch an attack on her: poor thing.
Astonishing account ... Marcia Mikhael found herself caught up in an unprecedented act of

Astonishing account … Marcia Mikhael found herself caught up in an unprecedented act of hatred as she bought her morning coffee. 

Here is additional movie drama. See the three crisis actors? What else is seen? It’s the Burger & Beer sign. This is a focal point of the movie set.

What else is seen? It is a kind of director, the man in the center with the headset and wire. He is clearly coordinating this part of the set.

The dramatics are necessary to overwhelm the sheep-like followers of the arch-Zionist media cabal. That drama entraps the mind, causing people to be captivated. The result is an emotional response; the thinking mechanism is neutralized.


He is, in fact, a director and/or producer. Notice the gear on his head, along with the wire. Moreover, what are the drama actors doing at this time? They are looking directly at the producer for instructions and/or guidance.


There wee other drama hoaxers, producers, directors, and coordinators, as well as camera-persons, who were off-screen or just off-screen, as in this example:


From the strategic position of the camera-person it is clear that this is a set-up, once again, a movie-like set.

How about the following example of a pre-arranged movie production? What else can be considered? When in the universe have SWAT team members found it necessary to aim their weapons directly into the lenses of cameras?

Police Hostage Situation Developing In Sydney

No one can dispute it. That is precisely what they are doing. Plus, instead of concentrating on any dangerous individuals or gunman, instead of aiming their guns as a protection for the ‘hostages,’ instead of keeping their eyes on crisis central, what are they doing? They are pointing their guns at the movie directors and camera-persons, while focusing their eyes directly into the lens.


How about the purported kidnapping hoaxers? They, too, are clearly acting on instructions, posing for the role.

Chief among them are the workers within the Lindt cafe themselves, including the woman above.

Too, along with her in some of the images is that terminally hostile arch-Zionist agent, Celine Winpe, who is the key cohort crisis actress, along with Mikhael.


Now comes the crisis actor Lindt ‘worker’, then turned escapee, on the run. Once again, it is clear that this is a mere agent of a drill and is by no means running from any danger. Too, what is the SWAT cop aiming at? There is nothing in the background, which is clear and obvious.

Despite the dangers that surround her she takes the time to look right at the producer/camera-person, right into the camera lens:

For her impressive role as a new-found actor she is given a thumbs-up by the SWAT hoaxer.

And now, again….

And now for the climax, all for massive public consumption. The Zionists and their collaborators are truly conniving.

Remember this hoaxer and arch-Zionist agent, whose image was published, here, in the original post? Notice the controller in the background:

Notice, too, the SWAT cop with the pistol and how at this point it is pointed downward. Now what happens?

The old man is a better crisis actor than these youngsters. Both the SWAT hoaxer and the arch-Zionist Israeli agent, both of them are looking directly at the director/camera-person; the aiming of the pistol, of course, makes no sense. There are no gunman next to the movie producer.

Absolutely, this is a hoax. There is nothing true about it. ‘Our good friend and brother Mr. Aaron Monis has been very kind to us. He brought us water and let us use the toilet.’ Who in God’s name believes such drivel?


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