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Hard Proof that the FedEX Truck – Tour Bus Crash was a Pyrotechnic Hoax

Hard Proof that the FedEX Truck – Tour Bus Crash was a Pyrotechnic HoaxNoDisinfo

For those who have the intelligence to think it will be proven, here, irrefutably, that the claim of a real crash of a FedEx truck into a tour bus is a fake. It will also be proven that there was no accidental fire, that, too, there was no possibility that the FedEx truck, as acclaimed by some so-called witnesses, was on fire at any moment while in motion.

Even so, motion, especially if it relates to significant speed and force (the force arising to a large degree from the object in motion’s weight) produces specific, predictable consequences. A semi-truck in major motion, never breaking, which, then, slams into a tour bus: the consequences are entirely predictable; there cannot be any deviation from the expected. If there is, then, the claim of such massive motion with the resultant force would necessarily be false.  

The premise is simply. A FedEx truck crosses the center median at unimpeded speed, never brakes, and, then, slams into a tour bus, essentially, head-on. Really? Is there even the slightest degree of evidence for this?

Furthermore, hard proof will be presented that there was no crash of any kind and that neither of these vehicles were in motion at any time. In other words, they were parked. Nor were they occupied. Nor were there any people in the bus/truck when they were set on fire. Nor were there any drivers for these vehicles.

Nor was there any actual explosive, spontaneous fire as a result of impact, that is there was no gasoline or diesel fuel fires of any kind.

The claim, though, is that the FedEx truck “slammed” into the bus, leading to an explosion. That explosion could only mean the detonation of diesel fuel. That would create an acrid smoke, a kind of pitch, that would be blackish in color and would stain greatly and would make firefighting difficult.

The fumes would be great and overwhelming, while for firefighters precautions would be necessary. If this really did occur, people in the bus and any other closed in vehicles would be quickly overcome.

Instead, this is the kind of imagery that is seen; it is the standard grey smoke of a pyrotechnic display. Note, too, how the fire arises far distant from the vehicles, as seen in the encroachment of the reddish ‘flames’ towards the right screen.

There is also this image, which has the appearance of having undergone Photoshop enhancement:
Here is another version of this, showing what is obviously a massive man-made fire, purely for show: purely as an element of a drill:

Note the shooting off to the right of the bus of pyrotechnic material.
Even so, there is no way to explain this inferno other than the fact that this is an artificial fire produced under controlled circumstances.
There is also this image from an entirely different view which shows actual drill agents in the field watching the controlled fire unfold:

Once again, notice the non-toxic grey smoke so typical of pyrotechnic fires.Don’t ask what so many camera-person’s were doing there right in time for the display. There is no sensible answer. Regardless, note what is seen. The man-made fire is consuming at this moment the frame of the aluminum FedEx carriage:
The pyrotechnic salts, now ignited, are gradually consuming the aluminum frame. There is no attempt at this point to put out the fire. The fire is a necessary part of the hoax, the shock and awe display. It surely would not serve the perpetrators to extinguish it.
Finally, it dies out or is extinguished, and what is seen? It is the standard imagery from pyrotechnic/man-made fires, that is the fires of drills: gutted vehicles where the soft metal (aluminum) melts, but the hard metal (steel/iron) remains intact. More crucial, though, is the position of the vehicles. They have obviously been parked in this position.
There is no other possibility. Slam means slam with all the expected vectors of force based on the laws of physics. The non-breaking semi-trailer would have pounded that bus, smashing its frame and knocking it off the 90-degree angle. It could have even caused it to tip over.
The overhead view proves that there was no such impact; the bus is strictly at a 90-degree angle to the Interstate. Note the red water truck on the side/access road. How did it get there? Moreover, where are the actual fire trucks from the local agencies?
Another view showing the straight line nature of the parked bus, as if it was backed up to the area from the access road.
Yet, does this prove that there really was no impact? The front of the bus is obscured. This image proves it:
This is precisely the side of the bus (right screen, driver’s side) of the acclaimed impact. Yet, there is no evidence of an impact of any kind. There is no crimping, no denting, no tearing of metal: nothing, nada, zilch.
Here it is being hauled away after being smashed down. There is still no evidence of any impact from fast-moving, unimpeded truck.
Nothing caught on fire, no trees, and surely no grass, as would be expected in a controlled fire, actually, a pyrotechnic hoax.
 However, there were witnesses, like ex-military Ryan Householder.
It was Householder who according to the LA Times was merely minding his own business, “mowing the lawn,” when he heard “tires screeching.” What tires? All the other reports state that the truck never breaked. Moreover, there are surely no skid marks.
He looked up and watched a horrific accident unfold. “I never thought I’d see that in real life,” he said. “That’s movies, Hollywood.” Householder, 31, stood on his lawn Saturday, on the same spot as two days earlier, to explain to The Times what he’d seen:
Countering other crisis actors, though, he said that the truck was not on fire before the accident.




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12 Responses to Hard Proof that the FedEX Truck – Tour Bus Crash was a Pyrotechnic Hoax

  1. NC says:

    Hmm……it’s plausible. Not sure what to make of it yet. Wouldn’t surprise me, though. What about the victims who died? Any evidence of them being real or another Sandy Hoax?

  2. LesPaulPlayer says:

    Paul looks like you beat me to it, I sent it in last night. Interesting article. Don’t know why they faked it, but hey anything is possible these days.

  3. Nottoobitter says:

    I like how the article states the black smoke is a ‘non-toxic’ gray smoke…
    Ok there tough guy you go huff some.
    Easy enough to debunk. How many died? Where are they from? when are the funerals? and how much of a settlement did fed-ex pay? Who was the fedex driver and what was his driving record like.
    ALL things that can be found out.

  4. # 1 NWO Hatr says:


  5. Jean Bush says:

    The first thing that struck me was if it was a head on collision, why are the vehicles side by side??? And if people died in the bus fire, why was it all smashed down before being hauled away? That’s destroying evidence.

    And where are the lawsuits against FedEx? ALL grieving parents sue somebody for the sudden deaths of their child.

  6. Mark Wilson says:

    Look closer guys. The two pictures presented here purporting to be the bus, one with the tow truck by it, and the other one being hauled away on a flat bed, are NOT both pictures of the bus. It is mistakenly claimed that “Here it is being hauled away after being smashed down.” That is incorrect. The picture is of the FedEx trailer, not the bus that was “smashed down.” One picture is the bus, the other the FexEx trailer.

  7. Jean Bush says:

    Good catch, Mark. If you guys will click on the picture, you’ll get the original article and a gallery of photos. The white back end of the bus seems fairly undamaged. The front of the bus, is horribly mangled and completely destroyed.

    If the vehicles are side by side while on fire, pointed in the same direction, how is it a headon collision? And if it’s a hoax, the vehicles had to be deliberately damaged BEFORE the fire.

    Any thoughts?

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