9 thoughts on “Harris-Prerry: Detroit is “What it looks like when government is small enough to drown”

  1. This woman is an idiot. We have been dealing with corrupt city council, corrupt mayors, low population to tax ratio because a large portion of Detroiters are sucking off the tax payers tits. This is what has killed Detroit, not lack of government oversight. The voters, mostly welfare recipients have time and again supported the corrupt government in Detroit because either they were of the same race (not joking, I saw many idiots supporting Kwame simply becasue he was black even thouh he robbed his own people), or because they thought they were going to get hand-outs from these corrupt individuals. Detroit deserves to go under. It is a product of it’s residents. They often refer to “white flight” here, it was not “white flight” it was educated, intelligent, non-lazy flight. People of all races left Detroit to get away from the large number of wellfare state blood-suckers. Now the inevitible has happened, they have eaten the city alive.

    1. Well stated, Drutch. I’m reminded of the great quote from the late Maggie Thatcher, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money to spend,”

  2. Detroit is the result of leftist, statist dingbats like Melissa Perry claiming to know they know how to organize a society better than free people & markets can.
    Now, this lisping dummy is telling us we need more government! that would be the same government whose pensions are killing Detroit!

  3. This is an admission that what is happening in America today is a direct result of a city that refuses to become a Police State system who refuses to adopt their Agenda 21 program. Let this be the prototype of what will happen to ANY city that refuses this New World Order agenda!

    1. Sorry but this time it has nothing to do with outside forces. I am a suburbite of Detroit and lived in Detroit city limits for a short period. This crisis is the doing of the idiots who dwell in the city and supported the criminals in office. Dave Bing will be branded a failure I am sure. That is not the case, he was handed a corrupt city council who overruled him with the support of the idiot population. Even when Snyder attemtped to offer plans to help them dig their way out, and when Bing showed support, the city council and their legal team forced Bing into a corner from which he never came out. The failure of Detroit is the failure of the people of Detroit. Good riddance.

  4. Isn’t that the same whacked in the head ho who claimed your children aren’t your children, your children belong to the community (i.e. the state)???

  5. Charles Hugh Smith has written some of the best commentary available on the subject of taxpayers vs. taxfeeders. here is a sampling:
    The Endgame of State/Local Pensions http://www.oftwominds.com/blogjun13/pensions6-13.html

    An Abundance of Bad Decisions http://www.oftwominds.com/blogjun13/abundance-decisions6-13.html

    The Three and a Half Class Society http://www.oftwominds.com/blogoct12/three-classes10-12.html

    As I’ve scrolled through Charles’ work looking for the three gems above, I’m impressed how many others shed light on the Detroit phenomenon. The scary thing is that they aren’t specifically about Detroit, but apply almost equally in principle to every city, county, and state in the US. Detroit is the canary in the coal mine.

  6. It’s called a “fire sale”. Everything must go! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyGhT3YTP7A

    For Satanic scum running rough shod on the planet, timing is very important in order for their New World to come off without a hitch. You’ve got to make sure that the stock/bond markets, the political & environmental collapse is timed, synchronized with other events in a pre-planned, global, simultaneous implosion in order to maximize the fear, chaos…maximize the probability in the global takeover by a small, fascist, satanic oligarchy. So, miscreants, people like Henry Kissinger, will try to pretend they are coming to “rescue” us with their “New World Order”.

    *You’ve got to make sure the stock market collapse occurs at exactly the same time as the Federal Reserve prints so much money, the dollar is destroyed, making treasury bills and bonds worthless, mandating a centralized privatized fiat banking system and world currency. Boom & bust for everybody!

    *Making “socialist” China the de facto winner in the economic war (planned all along). with all of our jobs and manufacturing deliberately out-sourced to China, necessitating, in the wake of the economic debacle, massive and unrecoverable unemployment and homeless, the sell off US public infrastructure, rendering the US a toll-booth economy owned by the oligarchy. Instant serfdom for everybody! China’s socialist totalitarianism is the model for the post-apocalyse US.

    Further, these events must be timed to simultaneously occur…
    *The toxic mortgage/LIBOR fraud/Social Security looting/S & L pillaging/gold shares implosion maximizes joblessness, homelessness, hunger and despair.
    *Everybody getting inoculated with vaccines that have been tainted.
    *Fukushima (HAARP/Nuke explosion tsunami) being allowed to sslowly irrecoverably irradiate the planet.
    *Poisoned GMO food is being consumed by everyone, with hedge fund and hyperinflation makes the price of feeding yourselves out of reach, initiating rioting across America.
    *DHS deploys the FEMA/military and their 2.0 billion hollow-point bullets, their tanks, opening up its FEMA camps and FEMA exclusion zones. Gun confiscation.
    *Drug cartels with their “Fast & Furious” guns start a separatist movement along the border of Mexico,
    *All drones are deployed and weaponized.
    *Missile defense shield is operational. What the privatized military and police can’t handle, the drones can’t handle will be handled from above, from space. Nukes will counter any recalcitrant country or region.
    *Some type of false-flag, starting WWIII, the pretext for martial law, where Israel (City of London, Federal Reserve) finally gets to nuke Iran, invade Lebanon and Syria, finally establishing itself as THE world’s unrivaled power, sitting on its brand spanking new oil depotier centered in Haifa, Israel, c/o the late great USA.

    You know, if you’re going to enslave and pillage the world, depopulate it, you have to time things just right, to make sure people don’t figure it out, get organized and start trying to arrest the real bad guys.

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