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Hastings Sent Colleagues Email Hours Before Crash “On To A Big Story, Need To Get Off The Radar For Abit’

hastings-emailBefore It’s News – by Mort Amsel

Staff Sgt. Joseph Biggs told KTLA that he received an email from Hastings on Monday. Biggs had known Hastings since 2008, when the journalist was embedded in his unit in Afghanistan. “On Monday morning, I woke up and I got an email, and it’s very panicked,” Biggs said.  “It alarmed me very much,” Biggs said. “I just said it doesn’t seem like him. I don’t know, I just had this gut feeling and it just really bothered me,” he said.  

Okay, I now revise my opinion that this was only a freak car crash.  While I still don’t think it was a bomb, there is definately something shady going on.  Yikes.  Truth is treason in the empire of lies.  never has that saying had more relavent meaning to it.  Hopefully more will continue to come out and we will find out what this big story was. -Mort

UPDATE: Mr. Hastings was researching the Jill Kelley case before he was killed.  Jill Kelley is the woman who reieved a string of e-mails from Paula Broadwell, General David Patreaus’s mistress which led to the down fall of Gen. Patreaus who was possibly the most powerful man in the mlitary.  He was head of the CIA at the time of the scandal and had been the commander of both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars at one time.  Mr.hastings was suppose to have met a rep. of ms. kelly next week in LA to discuss the case.  -Mort




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4 Responses to Hastings Sent Colleagues Email Hours Before Crash “On To A Big Story, Need To Get Off The Radar For Abit’

  1. Absconditus says:

    I myself am a little weary on the bomb. A car hitting a solid object at 100 miles an hour can produce the same effect, as well as the loud bang heard by people nearby.

    I have seen cars torn apart going half that fast. I have also seen cars in an equally sized fireball. With all the plastics on newer cars it provides plenty of fuel to burn. After the accident I doubt his fuel pump was still going, but I could be wrong. Once the fuel tank was breached by the heat it would also provide more fuel.

    In the video with the neighbor hosing down the car with the garden hose. When the flames flared up, that is a common reaction when you try and put out gasoline with water.

    Maybe he had a stuck floor-mat or something along a similar line. If you know what I mean.

  2. G Street says:

    They story of the Kelly sisters, wining and dining special forces and having way too much access to military command, the brother-in-law contractor make for lots of potential stories. But the friendly FBI agent brings up another aspect, which is what access, via the NSA or a contractor working for the NSA, did someone have to locate and kill Hastings – if that is what happened.

    The NSA has created another dimension where police state powers can be abused. If they could track Hastings by phone and email, is the reverse true? Can people demand to see who accessed data about a person and when?

    When I had a phone call that was a threat against my family, made by someone with an Indian accent who had information almost certainly gained by listening to a phone call, I was told there was no way to find out who called or where they called from. I believe the caller may have been a contractor who listened to my calls and didn’t like what I said. Now we learn that 70% of this spying is being done by contractors. How many leaks are in this sieve?

  3. Winston says:

    The late Peter Horsley, who served as Equerry to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, describes in his autobiography “Sounds From Another Room” a rigged auto accident which very nearly took his life. Four sons of Sheik Amar Bin Issa were killed in ambush in South Yemen by British SAS. The Sheik used his wealth for revenge and met in Dubai with a european murder for hire gang to arrange their deaths. Mr. Horsley had absolutely nothing to do with the S. Yemen killings, but was chosen to have his car rigged by remote control because of his habitual use of a certain roadway, and indeed one day lost control of his remotely hijacked vehicle which rammed and killed a former SAS man who habitually drove at the same time in the opposite direction. There are many assassinations ‘by automobile’ on record. A sheet concealing the front of Mr. Hasting’s car after the accident is deeply suspicous. Loud and persistent voices must be raised for a thorough and independent investigation.

  4. Joe in NC says:

    Recalling how Jorg Haider was killed…

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