2 thoughts on ““Hate Speech DOESN’T Exist!!” Tucker Carlson Takes On ACLU

  1. This female atrocity said; “these groups, which at their core, in their mission statement, their core, is to rid America of anyone who is not white” Absolutely not true.
    I suppose even their own shit starts to taste good to them, if they eat enough of it….
    Tucker and MSM foster a false narrative also, by the promoting the assumption that the majority of Americans apparently hold Antifa’s viewpoints.

    1. Yeah, I had a similar thought, that Fox feigns offense in exposing the enemy and yet gives it a platform. And there’s that old trick of giving us a big dose of truth and then subtly throwing in a side of lies. Everything so layered and spun. We dive for crumbs. Still, she came off as a royal jerk, control freak. She gave me the creeps.


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