12 thoughts on “Have A Go Mask Hero Pummeled

  1. This idiot decided to create and then escalate the situation, and he chose to back the bullshit being spewed out by the media. He got what he deserved!

  2. Can’t wait to see how committed he is the next time he see a real human being withNomask..!!

    Bet he thinks twice or asks real politely.. ha ha ha got what he deserves and get used to it maggots u more hurts a coming

  3. As far as I’m concerned, slave, you started it and the non-slave finished it.

    These Karen-Ken types just keep on being insane…constantly attacking non-mask wearers over and over expected different results. If I see someone in a store not wearing a mask I thank them for not wearing a mask. Period.

    1. Yep, DL. That bearded karen ought to be ashamed of herself and she almost got what she deserved. I guess she thinks all American Nationals are just like the people on the other sides of the doors she kicked in while serving her master by invading their country for piss-rael.

  4. These Karens have become much too accustomed to doing or saying whatever they please, without fear of retribution! Too bad they didn’t blacken both eyes!

  5. Even though all of you are right..he did need a whoopin. You’re missing the point. This is to demonize those of us who don’t comply as violent irrational non caring selfish and the keyword.. HATEful.. And hate is illegal doncha know!! Regardless of whether this is even true or real is irrelevant. The basis and the resulting action is very real. Now just not wearing a mask “PROVES” you are violent dangerous and will commit atrocities.. No due process necessary .. We are all now Prima Facie guilty.. thank you very much!!

    1. Some mother f-ker tries to get in my face in the store, that is where he will receive his beating. This c-k sucker walked past his car so he got his ass whipped.
      And all you f-king maskers out there better realize we are f-king violent when it comes to enforcing our rights.
      If that was the point of the video, good, because that is reality.

    2. No your missing the fkg point dumbass , all of this bullshit is fairytale gobbledegook to bring forth needless strife amongst people who love freedom given to us by way of people who died so we could have it, now being stolen back by way of fraud.

      You come on this site to do what exactly asshole? You talk down in any way against the hundred of thousands who died for us MTFKR, you turn into the enemy.

      You open your fly trap and let the flies out, I pull my gun and blow your head off, thats how it works asshole, FUK YOU….AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH…

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