Have You Heard of Bitcoin?

Truth Dig – by Alexander Reed Kelly

It’s a virtual currency that travels beyond the reach of banks and centralized regulatory institutions and allows you to transfer money to anyone with an Internet connection, anywhere at any time.  

“Bitcoin is to banks what email was to postal offices,” says Mihai Alisie, editor of Bitcoin Magazine. “Instead of going through a bank, respecting their schedule, paying their fees, I can transfer money to Ethiopia, India or China without anyone knowing who’s behind address B and address A.” It is currently being used, for example, to surmount the funding block on WikiLeaks, in which American and European credit card companies have cooperated with government requests to prevent any money from being donated to the whistle-blowing organization.

In the introductory video by The Guardian below, Alisie and Bitcoin developer, Amir Taaki, can be seen in hooded sweatshirts and beanies, walking the brightly lit halls of the deserted London office where they live and work, talking eloquently and enthusiastically about what they’re creating.

Bitcoin is the fastest growing currency in the world. It has been criticized for facilitating the sale of drugs on unregulated websites. Alisie responds by explaining that Bitcoin is a tool. “You have a knife, and with that knife you can put butter on your bread or you can kill someone. But you make the tool bad or good.”


2 thoughts on “Have You Heard of Bitcoin?

  1. I was just talking to one of the regulars at Starbucks yesterday, and he was explaining about Bitcoins to me. As soon as he told me that the banks weren’t involved in any way, I told him that it was doomed to fail if that was the case, because the low-life scumbag banksters would shell out whatever it would cost to break this system.

    They simply can’t abide a currency (of ANY kind) exchange being transacted that provides no profit for them.

    Thanks Millard, this is a little more background on the subject than I got from him.

  2. I never trusted Bitcoin and was always suspicious of it since it first came out. This almost seems like it could be a NWO currency. I don’t trust it at all. Anything digital can be easily stolen and manipulated by the government with the press of a key. Not secure. Not safe. Not good. Bitcoin is bullshit as far as I’m concerned. I would never submit to it. I prefer something physical that I have in my hand than to something imaginary and digital in a computer. When are people going to learn, if it ain’t physically in your hands, YOU DON’T OWN IT! Bitcoin was a failure to me before it even started.

    It kinda makes me think it is the elites’ synthesis to their thesis and antithesis. Who the hell created it anyways? It seems to have just appeared over night like a fad or something.

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