Hawaii: 800 Additional National Guard Members Put on COVID-19 Mission

As of April 15, 2020, State of Hawaii reports Maui County 3 COVID-19 related deaths, total of 9 deaths Statewide. So they bring in 1200 National Guardsmen? Meanwhile, no one I know has received their unemployment, site still crashing and people can’t get through on the phone lines. Businesses that are open are still requiring masks to enter the stores. Staggering unemployment. Connect the dots.

And this is the latest from our Governor: The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports that “Ige’s proposal would impose a 20% salary cut on most public employees including teachers as early as May 1, and a 10% cut in pay for first responders such as police officers, firefighters, nurses, and emergency medical technicians.” The Teacher’s Salary for 2018/2019 starts at 35,962 to 47,443 which is extremely hard to live on in Hawaii. And now Gov Ige want to cut it 20%!


The State has received MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars due to this virus hoax. Where is this money going?

Maui Watch

The Hawai‘i National Guard is increasing its personnel to 1,200 Guardsmen to help with the COVID-19 response. Last week, 400 Soldiers and Airmen were activated, meaning a total of 800 more Guardsmen will be brought on status to assist by tomorrow.

National Guard Commanders for each island have been in contact with the county mayors and emergency management team to best help the state in its COVID-19 response. Joint Task Force Commander Brig. Gen. Moses Kaoiwi Jr. said: “I am confident that by working together, we will meet our objectives of continuing to flatten the curve and create a safe and secure environment for the people of Hawai‘i.”

The National Guard has received federal funding to assist in pay and allowances for Soldiers and Airmen.

Maui Watch

7 thoughts on “Hawaii: 800 Additional National Guard Members Put on COVID-19 Mission

  1. My God! 9 deaths state wide. This is WAY overblown! It appears they are taking advantage of the people because you are on an island & they think they can roll over you due to the isolation.
    What’s the overall mindset of the people Annette?

    1. The overall mindset seems to be that of blind compliance and people seem to be thrilled with the tourism shut-down. Tourism is the lifeblood of the Hawaii economy! I feel very outnumbered and surrounded by sheeple. There are a few that are seeing this for the evil hoax that it is, but the vast majority seem to be compliant, happy with the shut down and being stripped of their rights.

      1. I bet people are happy that the tourists are not pouring in. I know I’m happy that the snowbirds are not pouring in to where I live.
        If the economy depends on whoring that which should belong to the people who suffer the long winters here and us having strangers come in and displace us during the good days, they need to find a new economy.
        I like having the mountains to myself as I am not complying. It almost feels like home again here.
        This could explain why it appears that people are complying because in reality there are so few natives to the area that it seems deserted.
        I don’t know how it is in Hawaii, but here that is the case. I do see your corporation seems very draconian, but that is what the lonely places are for.
        Food for thought.

  2. I trust you all realize by now that the phrase all these treasonous world “leaders” & politicians are using “flatten the curve” refers not to a “virus” but to the social order. The aim of communism is expressly to flatten out everyone except the centralized power structure DOWN to an “equally” meager existence. It’s becoming more obvious by the day what’s happening & they want it sooner rather than later. The time for a solid & revelatory resistance is upon us! It needs to happen somewhere ASAP & spread FAST & WIDE!

    My thoughts are with you Annette & everyone there. I live on a smaller landmass also & am unfortunately surrounded by way too many sheep here who just go along to get along. There are many here who get it too so I keep doing what I can to inform. Best wishes!

  3. Annette, I can only wonder what those guardsmen have been told. Whatever, it most certainly contains lies.
    They are most assuredly operating in ignorance. They are being deliberately set up.

    1. Yes, I’m sure you are right. I can’t help but wonder if Hawaii is a test. We are on an Island, and there seems to be an overall compliant mindset that has drank the koolaid, which makes us sitting ducks for what ever op they wish to carry out here.

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