Hawaii, Japan, Michigan, a failed Spacex launch and a mysterious Spacex launch – A theory that ties them together.

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I’m going to view the following government activities as a good thing to protect us.

What if, a very big if, there was an asteroid or huge chunk of space rock flying our way and the governments of the world had to launch missiles into space to destroy it before it hit Earth?  

We send up a missle (the mysterious spacex launch) which smashes the asteroid into loads of smaller fragments. Some of the fragments come towards Earth and one of them is larger than it should be. They send up another Spacex missile (the failed launch) but decide to kill it just after take-off because they can’t risk the missile doing damage to the atmosphere/Earth.

They ride out the storm of the larger fragments which causes chunks to splash down in the pacific ocean (Hawaii alert) and the next day/two days another large fragments splashes down in the sea of Japan (the japanese warning).

As the smaller fragments come to Earth, some are bound to land near populated areas (Michigan) but are too small to cause any damage. The meteor (due to potential risk to the population and an estimated death toll of approx. 350 million people) is kept hush-hush which is why the early warning detectors took so long to identify the Michigan event as a meteor.

Remember the other month we apparently had a cigar shaped asteroid ‘come out of nowhere’ which caught us off guard. What if it’s big brother wasn’t too far behind…


8 thoughts on “Hawaii, Japan, Michigan, a failed Spacex launch and a mysterious Spacex launch – A theory that ties them together.

  1. I like the part that says “a very big if”.

    If the government ever actually protected us from anything, you’d hear about it for years. I think that if they knew we’d be hit by an asteroid, they’d head for their bunkers in silence.

      1. The govt actively poisons and murders US for power and profit on a daily basis and denies any knowledge of such a thing, so logic dictates any positive action directed towards US would be a feather in their cap to support their “benevolence”, and mitigate the perception of malevolence.

        So, yeah, I am saying they didn’t. Unless you’re implying they’re headed for their bunkers?

  2. The next rock that hits us….

    Will have a serial # and a bar code.

    But it won’t be from here.

    Maybe. …hmmmm… tossed out of the ort cloud.

    Like a cosmic game of pool….

    Trying to sink the 8 ball.

    Earth ball corner pocket.

    I mean…just look a the moon.

    According to the craters…

    We’ve had a few near misses.

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