Hawaii’s New Governor Seeks Obama’s Birth Certificate

New Hawaiian Governor, Neil Abercrombie, has stated that he is going to acquire Barrack Obama’s original birth certificate in order to put to rest the issue of Obama’s place of birth and citizenship once and for all.

You would think that all those who support Obama would favor the action.  And what are we really talking about here, nothing more than producing a document that should have been produced a long time ago.  However, leftist Demorats are urging Abercrombie to stay out of the Birther debate.

Sometimes when things cease making sense the truth becomes clear.  If the U.S. government had its way there would be a camera in every house and any and all complaints would be met with the assertion, “If you have nothing to hide, why do you care?”  The fact is individuals have been jailed for demanding to see proof that Barack Obama was born in the United States of America.  And if there is nothing to hide what exactly is the problem?  I think the prima fascia evidence would indicate that there is something to hide.

Those calling the Birthers, conspiracy theorists, put forth the assertion that the fact the Democratic convention allowed Obama to be put on the ballot is the greatest proof of his citizenship.  This is a ridiculous statement.  They also push the idea that if Obama is not a citizen of the United States it would take a large group of traitors to hide the fact.  Well, yeah.

Just the way these people keep talking in circles is lending the highest credibility to the notion that our current president is not and has never been a citizen of the United States.  And as for the assertion that a cover up is out of the question, if the Democrats put a man in the White House that they knew was not a natural born citizen of the United States there would be no question of a cover up.

Look at it this way.  We have a newly elected governor of Hawaii who likes Obama.  Also being the highest governmental authority in Hawaii, he is willing to use that power to vindicate Obama and protect his name from any further slander.

I guess the question is, so what’s the problem?  If Obama were found not to be a naturalized citizen his presidency would have to be declared null and void.  And thus every document he has signed would also be null and void.  Further, every exchange of money resulting from any contract or legislation signed by Obama would have to be considered to be a fraudulent conveyance and said monies returned from wench they came.

So what would be worse, having to undo an unconstitutional act, or declaring an unconstitutional act too big to fail and opening the door for further such violations.  I do believe Arnold Schwarzenegger would love to be a president of these United States.  If only he could get that old bothersome constitution changed.  I don’t think that we as Americans can allow the issue of Obama’s legitimacy or lack thereof to go unresolved.

3 thoughts on “Hawaii’s New Governor Seeks Obama’s Birth Certificate

  1. I have to give some credit to Donald Trump over the 4-27-2011 birth certificate issue. If Trump has not put as much pressure on Obama over his validity as a US born president, then I do not think we would of gotten this response because frankly I do not believe Obama cares enough to provide the proof. Obama got sensitive over Donald Trump’s media hype and said “wow, I have to end this, Trump is running all over me” and up pops the certificate, which at first I actually thought was fabricated just to ease over the media. I am still waiting on forensics to be honest.

  2. The New Governor in Hawaii is David Ige…is there a source on this article?….Abercrombie is the old Governor…, if he has made a statement that he is going to seek the BC, then great but he’d be doing it as a regular citizen slave like the rest of us, so, good luck on that

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