“He was Murdered” – 13 Month Old Infant Dies 14 Hours After Receiving the Flu Shot

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Krystle Cordingley mourns her son Corbyn who died 14 hours after a flu shot.

Krystle claims that the hospital tried to cover up what happened, and doctors said his death following vaccination was a coincidence. 

Finally, she reports, one honest MD said, yes, it was the vaccine that caused the severe damage to Corbyn’s brain stem.

Could you image going home to find your baby murdered in his bed, out of nowhere.

You didn’t get to fight for him. You didn’t get to try and save him. Because all that you found was him dead.

And then you had people tell you, “No, it wasn’t the flu shot. There’s no way it could have been the flu shot that killed him. It was just a coincidence.”

It wasn’t a coincidence that he got it 14 hours prior.

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10 thoughts on ““He was Murdered” – 13 Month Old Infant Dies 14 Hours After Receiving the Flu Shot

  1. I agree
    he was murdered

    and an attempt is being made on all of our lives ..it comes in many different forms

  2. Unfortunately, that was probably NOT the first satanic/talmudic ritual he was subjected to by 13 mo of age.

    So very sad.

    1. agree….’Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine’ (Jeanice Barcelo) speaks to such rituals

  3. And yet people will not look around the internet before they give there baby this trash . Why does a baby need 18 to 19 shot before there 2 years of age ? . But they will live on crapbook . Like all said before I post

  4. IF you trust people who are only in the business for the money..IT EQUIALS DEATH,the medical doctors could care less if you die,THEY EVEN have a saying they laugh about at their parties,CIRCLING THE DRAIN,its what they say if they aren’t going to be collecting a lot of money,millions die at their hands everyday,NO ONE SAYS A THING,THE WORSE KILLERS IN HISTORY are honored by everyone,they can’t do no wrong..BUT how many of you know your hero’s REMOVE PEOPLES “ORGANS” to sell and the person dies,the family isn’t told,and they believe anything the DEVILS SAY….AMERICA COULD CARE LESS IF THE CHILDREN are killed by these devils,your going to be wishing you had stood up against them soon..WHEN YOUR LEFT BEHIND TO FACE SATANS SON…and YES he will be planning to kill you and your family…..

  5. My condolences go out to the parents, who must be devastated by the death of their baby, but we’ve been telling people about the dangers of vaccines for more than a decade, so it’s likely that they dismissed all the warnings as the rantings of “crazy conspiracy theorists”.

    Well it sounds like Mom just discovered something about “crazy conspiracy theories” the hard way. It would have been real nice (and their baby would be alive) if they shelved their arrogance long enough to look at the facts, but there’s not much you can do for people who “know everything” without hearing a word.

  6. 19 years ago my sister, who had beautiful twin baby boys, allowed the nurse to give them the MMR vaccine. One died within days of a brain fever, the other was diagnosed within a year with severe autism. People need to spread the word, spread dvds of Vaxxed and The Truth about Vaccines(seven episodes).

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