Heads up. 8 robberies in 8 hours in Austin

APD_2_20130208183514_JPGTo my Austin, friends. Giving you all a head’s up on this. Be careful in your neighborhood.


AUSTIN (KXAN) – Austin police are investigating a series of armed robberies that happened late Friday into the early morning hours Saturday.

APD said three armed men in their late teens or early 20s robbed people at eight locations across the city. The robberies all happened in parking lots — most of them at apartment complexes.  

Police said at least two of the suspects were armed with semiautomatic pistols.

The first incident happened around 10:30 p.m., and the crime spree lasted until 6:30 a.m. Saturday. APD said they are still investigating the case and searching for the suspects.

Robbery locations

  • 2900 block of S. Pleasant Valley Road
  • 1900 block of Burton Drive
  • San Marcos and E 8th streets
  • 1000 N Lamar Blvd.
  • 1020 E 45th St.
  • 6800 block of US 290 E
  • 9300 block of Northgate Boulevard
  • 11700 Metric Blvd.



5 thoughts on “Heads up. 8 robberies in 8 hours in Austin

  1. Gee..I find this to be an amazing coincidence at a time when,

    “Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee reintroduced a bill on the House floor Wednesday that will prohibit states from having “Stand Your Ground” laws, and require neighborhood watch programs to register with local law enforcement and the Department of Justice.”

    Problem-reaction-solution anyone?

    Actually this might put a damper in her legislation plans. What kind of idiot would give up their right to protect themselves after this? Especially in Texas.

    Too bad they didn’t rob Sheila Jackson Lee. Maybe she’d have a change of heart.

    Yea, we should definitely prohibit “stand your ground” laws now. Hold on Mr. Robber. I need to register with the Feds and the police first before I can defend myself. Can you wait a minute?

  2. So what? I’ll bet I can rob 8 people in one hour if enough people are outside.

    Let’s just hope they chose targets who deserve it, and then it’s no different than Robin Hood’s heroism.

    Maybe they robbed a corporate exec. who just sent another thousand jobs to China. Maybe they should have killed him too.

    We’ve all been robbed for wealth we can barely imagine, so as they say “payback’s a bitch.” Warm up to crime. We’ve been taught that it’s a bad thing, and it usually is, but when rich people get robbed, I certainly don’t feel anymore pity for them then they feel about a bank taking someone’s home.

    Robbery targets are usually rich (unless the robber’s an idiot), and that means they’re probably arrogant bastards who want us all dead anyway. The only crime problem we have is a lack of it.

    1. Well, I hope your right, JR and you make an excellent point about them possibly targeting only the rich. If that is true, then I have nothing to worry about. However, if it is not, then it becomes a bit of a problem for me since I live in the Austin area.

  3. Many years ago in a suburb of Sydney a man robbed a bank at gunpoint. While the quick reacting police were in the bank he had robbed he was actually in the bank next door robbing that one. And he got away too 😉

  4. To NC and jolly roger.

    I am one of these victims you so easily condemn as a rich exxecutive who deserves to be robbed.
    Ill have you know that I am just a 22 yo college student who was waking up early on a Saturday to be abruptly robbed by these animals. They threatened to kill me over a cheap laptop as the beet my room mates girlfriend with a pistol.
    These people are nothing more that human garbage; living filth that will do nothing good in this world other than harm others.
    Luckily the police did their job and we will happily have 3 more black men in Huntsville federal penitentiary 🙂

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