5 thoughts on “Hear Me Loud and Hear Me Clear – It’s a CON – ADV Speaks

  1. Thank you
    I’ve been looking for this , since the start
    It’s getting sent out to as many as I can
    remember the discovery of the saline shots in NC?
    ( placebo)
    Wonder if we will ever see the results of that one mans independent test?

    Everyone , but those who do not partake , are part of this sick game of wack a mole

  2. I carefully listened to what she was stating and it is very much to what many doctors and scientist have in their own way stated. As such, it is not at all that she might be off the rails but rather that she presents it in a more direct manner. Regardless if you may or may not agree with what she states, best is to actually do your own research, as I did, and discover she is actually being very factual, regardless you may initially not think so.

    1. She should have mentioned it here but she is a naturopathic doctor. I think she delivered in laymen’s terms, and with stern warnings. No pussyfooting around. May protection surround her and all others who dare to go the distance. They sacrifice so much.


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