Heavily Armed Communist Group In Arizona Show of Force at Trump Rally 3/25/17

Published on Mar 26, 2017 by Silver Report

Streamed live by Stephen Lemons read more at phoenix new times. heavily armed group shows up to trump rally in Arizona. a group of 40 members of a communist group Marches together carrying heavy firearms as a show of force against trump make America great again rally in Phoenix Arizona march 25 2017 at trump rally.

6 thoughts on “Heavily Armed Communist Group In Arizona Show of Force at Trump Rally 3/25/17

  1. I don’t see the difference between these dumb manipulated kids and the Trumpers, they all want the state lording over their fellow man, can we just start chucking both sides into a wood chipper already.

  2. Alright. I watched this video and objectively speaking, I didn’t see anywhere in this video where the armed group identified themselves as communists.
    I heard this so called reporter call them “left wing” but yet I saw no evidence of that.
    At one point they stop, and it seems like they were talking for a bit, but I have no idea what was being said because the jack off reporter is DOING A VOICE OVER OF HIS OWN VIDEO.
    I mean, did I miss something?
    Was there a point in the video where they all yelled “communism!” real loud and I missed it?
    The only evidence I have to go on that these people are communists is that the title of the video says so.
    If anybody saw anything in the video that is definitive proof that these are armed communists, please let me know.
    Hell, maybe I missed it.

    1. Well that clears things up a little.
      Thanks Jeno.
      It’s a communist arguing with a bunch of armed communists, then.
      To bad they couldn’t get one of them fake terrorists to drive a big truck up onto the sidewalk.

      1. I would have shot Corporal Doucheface first when he asked me for my ID.
        Infob!tch I would have saved for last because she’s only armed with some leaflets.
        Mouthyfatb!tch over towards the left I would have saved for second to last since I don’t think she could make it a dozen paces away before it became her turn.
        In between Corporal Doucheface and Mouthyfatb!tch is where it would get interesting. It’s a bit of a gamble as to whether or not those rifles were actually loaded but I think the odds would be on my side.
        One of those actors looked like he was carrying a Star Wars stormtrooper lazer rifle that makes a beeooo beeoooo noise when you pull the trigger so I wouldn’t worry about him much.
        I predict a lot of backshooting since most of them would be running away at this point in the skirmish.
        Plink! Just read your license plate f–ktard.

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