Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) Imports “Refugees” to White Countries, Even from Israel

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The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) organization—targeted by the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bowers—works full time to bring fake refugees to America and Europe, while at the same time helping to expel them from Israel and ship them to white countries, a review of that organization’s activities shows.

According to the HIAS website, that organization said that “HIAS continues to resettle the most vulnerable refugees of all faiths and ethnicities from all over the world. In the US we work with local social service organizations around the country to welcome refugees and help them integrate into their communities and build new lives.”  

In 2015, HIAS organized a petition letter sent to the White House urging America to take in Muslim “refugees”—which was signed by at least 1216 rabbis from all Jewish denominations, the Jewish organization proudly boasted.

Also in 2015, HIAS was one of all the major Jewish organizations in America which publicly demanded that America open its doors to hundreds of thousands of Muslim “refugees”—while at the same time supporting the Jews-only state of Israel which has barred all “refugees” from entering.

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) has reported that eleven Jewish groups (including the Union for Reform Judaism, the Orthodox Union, the Rabbinical Assembly, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society HIAS, the National Council of Jewish Women, the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, the umbrella body for Jewish public policy groups, and many others) have formally urged Congress “not to roll back plans to accept Syrian refugees into the United States.”

A 2016 Times of Israel interview with HIAS vice president, Rabbi Jennie Rosenn, revealed that HIAS “offers refugees a variety of free services, including legal assistance for gaining their rights and becoming identified for resettlement,” and Rosenn is the “rabbi who rallies American Jews for the global refugee cause.”

The Times of Israel said that it was “Rosenn’s task to engage American Jews with HIAS and the refugee issue, primarily in the area of advocacy aimed at significantly increasing the number of refugees allowed into the US.”

In June 2017, HIAS announced—during a demonstration by its activists in front of the White House—that it was “a plaintiff” in the legal suit against Trump’s order banning refugees from certain Muslim states.

According to an article published in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency about HIAS, titled “This 136-year-old Jewish agency for refugees has a new mission in the Trump era: Fighting back,” the Jewish group stands as “a plaintiff” in a new legal suit against Trump’s order banning refugees from certain Muslim states.

“Five months later, that noise has only gotten louder. More than a century old, HIAS has seen its activist profile rise higher this year than perhaps at any point in its history,” the JTA continued.

HIAS Chief Executive Officer Mark Hetfield said that his organization had “brought thousands of people to demonstrate in the streets and organized hundreds of synagogues to lobby Congress. And it’s about to stand before the Supreme Court as a plaintiff in a suit challenging the second version of Trump’s ban, which two judges blocked in March. And it’s still resettling refugees.”

In October 2017, HIAS slammed the second “refugee” screening announcement by Donald Trump.

HIAS’s president Hetfield said that the “U.S. is decimating the refugee resettlement program at a time of unprecedented global need.”

“In response, HIAS and other advocacy groups are now calling on Congress to step in and reassert America’s humanitarian leadership. For HIAS’ supporters in the American Jewish community, the call to welcome remains paramount. 380 congregations have joined the HIAS Welcome Campaign, a national network of local communities advocating for, and directly assisting in, refugee resettlement.”

HIAS has been active in importing fake refugees into Europe as well. In January 2018, HIAS and Islamic Relief USA announced a new joint “boots on the ground” initiative in Greece to help nonwhite invaders get “asylum” in Europe.

According to a press release issued jointly by the Muslim Islamic ReliefUSA (IRUSA) and HIAS, the two groups “announced a joint initiative to provide legal services” to the invaders in Greece who are trying to get into western Europe.

HIAS is an official member of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations—which is one of the state of Israel’s most powerful lobbies in America.

The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations is unequivocally committed to Israel, as demonstrated by their receipt of a “70th-anniversary award recognizing the contribution of American Jewish organizations to Israel, the US Israel relationship, and strengthening of ties between the peoples of the two countries.”

As is now well-known, Israel has refused to take in a single “Syrian” refugee and continues to actively deport all African and other non-Jewish invaders out of Israel.

In 2016, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced his intention to “surround all of Israel with a fence” to protect the Jewish state from Arab “wild beasts.

Even though HIAS has much to say about Trump’s restrictions on “refugees” entering the US, strangely this Jewish organization was quiet about their own nation’s refusal to take in any “refugees.”

Finally, HIAS has an office in Israel which it uses to facilitate Jews-only immigration to Israel, and in 2017 proudly announced that it has a program to help Third World non-Jewish “asylum seekers” in Israel to “evaluate options for reuniting with family in other countries, including the United States, Canada, Italy, Australia, Switzerland, and Sweden”—in other words, to get non-Jewish illegal invaders out of Israel and to send them to white countries.

* Obviously embarrassed by the open admission that HIAS imports fake refugees from Israel straight into white countries, the words “evaluate options for reuniting with family in other countries, including the United States, Canada, Italy, Australia, Switzerland, and Sweden” on the HIAS website were changed  in 2018 to read “HIAS also facilitates the resettlement of some cases to access safety outside of Israel.”

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  1. Right. Why embarrass yourself and why have the entire world condemning you using Hitlerite genocidal activities to rid your country of Palestinians by genocide when you can just export them to Europe and the US? While the Talmud does say Jews can kill gentiles, it might look a bit “embarrassing” for Israel to actually kill all their Palestinians, hence HAIS. Can’t offend your “god” can you, Israel, can you Talmudic Judaism? And you can use this as a cover to export ISIS and even MS-13 to the US as well. Deception, deception, deception… the Synagogue of Satan way…

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