Helen Clark Former PM of New Zealand Sold Out To The UN.

PictureThe Hagmann & Hagmann Report – by Mitch Santell

Helen Clark was the first female Prime Minister in the history of New Zealand. She is both a socialist and a globalist. During the five years and seven months that I lived in New Zealand, she was the prime minister for 2 of those years. Helen Clark was in office for a total of nine years (three full terms).

The gossip in New Zealand was simple, Helen Clark was to go along with the “new world order” which is really the “old world order” and if she did upon exiting her position as New Zealand’s Prime Minister would be appointed into a key position at the United Nations.  

Today Helen Clark is “officially”the  Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme. You can read about it: here.

So why is this upsetting me now back in America? Why do I worry about this woman being in this position?

PictureNear the end of 2012, former Prime Minister Helen Clark gave a speech before the New Zealand Parliament. She said something during her talk that just made my jaw drop. Here is what she said:

My working definition of global governance will be that of Lawrence Finkelstein, former Professor of Political Science at Northern Illinois University and former Vice-President of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Writing in 1995, in the first issue of the journal Global Governance, he suggested that global governance could be defined as“governing, without sovereign authority, relationships that transcend national frontiers. Global governance is doing internationally what governments do at home.”1

If you would like to read her entire speech with comments based on her new job at the United Nations, click here now: http://community.scoop.co.nz/2012/11/helen-clark-improving-global-governance/

So think about this dear readers…..her speech was entitled: Helen Clark: Improving Global Governance
Link is: here.

This did not start with Helen Clark. It was announced by President George H.W. Bush. Don’t believe me? Watch:

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  1. But she’s such a smiling space lizard with hoofs.

    Clack Clack Clack Clack Clack Clack Clack Clac

  2. Helen Clark was one of the very few politicians who was willing to stand up to the Israel Lobby in New Zealand while she was prime minister.

    It was also her brave positions again Israel that got her in trouble and effectively ended her political career and allowed the absolutely arch Zionist John Key to succeed her.

      1. LOL! It was a joke, older joke thought you would get it. I was poking fun at myself, remember the mysterious late night postings? heheh!

          1. Dang the first time I forgot to answer SQ, 2nd time forgot to hit reply. Knew I didn’t make the coffee strong enough..sheesh heheh!

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