Helicopter, cruisers dispatched in response to man open carrying, taking pictures of federal courthouse

Sandra Day O'Connor Federal Courthouse in Phoenix, Arizona (Image credit: Florian/Flicker)End the Lie – by Madison Ruppert

A police helicopter and two patrol cars were dispatched in response to Jordan McManus of Phoenix, Arizona photographing a federal courthouse while open carrying a .45 caliber pistol, as seen in a video uploaded on August 6, 2013.

It’s quite surprising that, as McManus wrote, “Nothing dramatic ever really happened,” especially given the some officers’ response to being filmed, as I thoroughly outlined in a recent article.  

McManus reportedly decided to conduct the “1st and 4th Amendment test” on August 5 after reading about the troubling experiences of Raymond Michael Rodden after he took pictures of the federal courthouse and state capitol in Phoenix.

He arrived at the Sandra Day O’Connor Federal Courthouse around 11 pm, according to the description accompanying his YouTube video (embedded below).

McManus parked his truck nearby and walked around the perimeter of the courthouse towards the Phoenix Police Department (PPD) headquarters while taking pictures.

He circled the PPD building and was heading back towards his truck when he saw two officers about a block away from him, at which time he activated his cell phone camera.

A spotlight from a low-flying police helicopter illuminated him, as seen in the video below, and he quickly realized that he was “being swarmed from every angle by PPD officers.”

The officer who initiated contact with McManus attempted to disarm him, though McManus refused to allow the seizure.

“Now I know I could have just kept my mouth shut and not played along with their game and not answered any of their questions, but I guess I have to admit it was kind of fun, as you can tell from some of my answers to the PPD questions,” McManus wrote.

“Nothing dramatic ever really happened but I must say they sure did have one hell of a show of force with 15+ officers and an Air unit,” he wrote.

McManus seems to admit that his attitude was a little bit different from what the officers probably hoped for.

In the clip he said that, “the only thing in my backpack is not a pressure cooker,” which he said “because I overheard one of the officers behind me state that ‘we need to search his backpack.’”

“I felt like responding with a smart ass answer. This has changed my mind,” he wrote.

Some of the YouTube comments also noted some of the answers McManus provided to the police, including the statement that his birthday was, “Every year.”

What do you think of his attitude? Was he just looking for trouble or was his response to being “swarmed” by officers and a helicopter reasonable? Should police respond to a man open carrying a pistol with such a show of force?

More at EndtheLie.com – http://EndtheLie.com/2013/08/06/helicopter-cruisers-dispatched-in-response-to-man-open-carrying-taking-pictures-of-federal-courthouse/#ixzz2bDFhjxab

6 thoughts on “Helicopter, cruisers dispatched in response to man open carrying, taking pictures of federal courthouse

  1. That Giovanni Ribisi looking cop near the end saying shit like, “I understand what you people are doing…. we have reasonable suspicion that in this day in age when people take pictures to harm police or harm federal buildings….”

    This cop seriously needs to take a look around. The guy should have asked the cop WHEN a federal building was ever attacked recently or in the past decade or two. It’s cops like this guy who need to seriously be re-educated.

    Luckily this guy had cops that didn’t point a taser in his face. I did the same “Am I being detained? What’s the charge?” thing and ended up getting a taser pointed in my face instead of an answer by the uneducated pr#@k, Officer Cox of the Round Rock police Department in Texas, who then arrested me without telling me the charge.

    And then the cop in this video uses the infamous, universal excuse for searching and detaining someone, “Well someone called in about a suspicious person doing blah blah….” knowing full well that there was never any person who called in or even said anything and that they are not allowed to release any info. on any such persons who made the call under the interest of security even if they did.

    I just want to deck the shit out of them when they use that excuse. COWARDS!

  2. Hundreds of instances of this need to happen every day, nationwide. Their budgets would quickly be exhausted by over-reaction, until the municipalities learn their lessons the hard way, by going broke!

    Your rights will go unless you exercise them.

  3. how bout they find the 200 or so mooslims protesting religious rights at that college campus in ch. ca. who conveniently disappeared off the radar soon after and just recently finished up with ramadan? now all the alphabet agencies are on high alert guarding infrastructures such as dams etc…

    if i was the widow denied benefits whose husband was one of 19 firefighters killed in that arizona fire i’d be asking how could this have happened and was it deliberate and by whom. officials are very tight lipped about it but its obvious if i heard about it loose lips sink ships.

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