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Who the hell does Trump think he is? God? – Do not move US Embassy to Jerusalem, you idiot

Every day that goes by we have to read or hear about another idiotic move by our so-called president. This traitorous ignoramus is doing everything in his power to ignite World War III, there is no stopping this moron. If this circus barking con man moves the United States embassy to Jerusalem, he is effectively telling the world, I don’t give a damn what any of you think, Israel is always right, and the rest of you are always wrong. Palestine has had enough cow manure thrown into their faces at this point, now Trump wants to put on his false yamaka, and throw rotten smelling gefilte fish into their faces as well?  

For the most part, the people United States have had to put up with watching their treasures being sent to Israel by the trillions of dollars, and what did we get for it? Nothing. Now we have to put up with the final insult, having to put up with calling Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Another slap in the face to the most holy place in the world, Jerusalem is NOT native to Israel; does the false Jew King Trump give a damn?

What is King Trump going to get out of all of this? Money? Mammon? Business favors from Israel and other false friends of American Nationals?

Trump is a grossly indebted conman, who lives off borrowed money, this man is a phony. He is always looking for a bank that will loan him millions. Wall street has turned their back on this clown because he is heavily in debt.  He has had to turn to foreign banks for loans. Everything this idiot does is based on how much is in it for him.

Read the true story behind this American traitor’s finances below:


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11 Responses to Who the hell does Trump think he is? God? – Do not move US Embassy to Jerusalem, you idiot

  1. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    I honestly have no clue why you expected any different from him, Mark.

  2. DL. says:

    Keep it up Mark, your most brilliant article yet! And thanks for the link. If Trump owes nearly 800 million, how much you wanna bet he’ll steal it from the taxpayers, which is one reason he ran for President in the first place–as a way to steal tax dollars?

  3. morris adams says:

    seriously.. who gives a shit??!! if we learned anything from ”JD USMarine Fighting Tyranny” it’s that israel doesn’t exist! I’m not trying to be a dick. seriously, why do we care? all these shootings are fake, all vaccines are poison, they spray us with metals dust in the sky, they’re building terminators right in our goddamm faces, they’re invading White nations with stupid brown people (not brown people, STUPID, low IQ and non-White) and we’re worried about this? every bad thing in the world is because of tel aviv and DC.. so we just have to change that phrase to Jerusalem and DC? it’s all fake, it’s all theater.. is all I’m saying. this is NOT the israel of the bible, so even if you take that route, it’s STILL NOT real! they just tell us it is. when we start killing bad guys, these shitass arguments will stop. and not until!

  4. f says:

    Every man does good and bad. I appreciate Trumps actions keepng muslims and illegal border crossers at new lows. also he hs shut down globalist trade deals, that usurp or sovergnty, through the UN! Get over Ted Cruzes loss to a better man, And be happy you still can have your guns that Hillary may have gotten from us by now. Taxes lowered good. Elect Roy Moore Keep making America great

    • Henry Shivley says:

      Donald Trump has signed on to the War Powers Act. He is a dictator. The War Powers Act has removed our common law courts and our Bill of Rights. We are subject slaves under Donald Trump. Is it all right with you that he is responsible for holding our Bill of Rights in an illegal injunction? Is that something else that you are willing to accept for me?
      We are occupied. To vote in an election put on by an occupation is treason.
      You will answer my question before you comment one more time.

      • Enemy of the State says:

        “We are occupied. To vote in an election put on by an occupation is treason.”

        Amen Brother!!!!!

        so many times i used these exact words to all the “voters” out there

        I dont know how NWO hater does the middle finger hand thinggy ,, but it would be right here, to them if i knew how…—>

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