2 thoughts on “Hellstorm: The Rape of Germany (Preview)

  1. The Asiatics will do what their ZIONIST masters tell them to. And do they ever delight in defiling whites. They h,ad certainly a lot of fun doing that in Russia. The Russian people are not any different than any other European. In fact you see school let out in russia you will see mostly blond hair blue eyed children running out to go home. There were however the Kazakhs, or Turkmen, Armenian, Urbanization, Kirghistan, who are either of mid-east or Mogols. What do these people do today to Europeans? The Kazarian Zionist pigs are are no better, and are the communist leadership. They did in already to millions of Russian Men, women, and little children, so why would they not do all those things to Germans who very much resemble the people they had so much fun raping and murdering in Russia??? You want to know why we have NO choice but to fight the communists with unremitting ferocity until they are no more? This film is a good example of why. Understand also that Jewish Zionist leaders and their Asiatic Mongoloid little buddies just love doing all kinds of supremely horrible things to us because that in their twisted minds satiates their evil gods, and is just plain joy and fun for psychopaths. It is what they are.

    Russian people are not the enemy we are lead to believe, but we have right now an enemy inside the gates getting ready to let the Latin (Aztec), and the Negroids, and the Mongoloids loos on us, as well as steal everything we ever had, and including our lives. Hope this burns in really good what kinds of monsters we are up against.

    Should we try to reach more people? Up to you. At this point if people don’t see the storm clouds on the horizon and all its thunder and lightning they never will, and they likely won’t matter one way or another anyway. 95% of the population are furniture. Its the way it always is. Its a tiny minority that changes the world. Militias, and your local one in particular are the gravity well we need to support and stand with. At this point those great bunch of people are the ONLY ones with the right mind and enough guts to do what has to be done when the balloon finally goes up.

    Also I can’t emphasize this enough. Pray!!! Pray like you never did before. If you are an agnostic better get over that foolishness because we are not going to win without the “Big Guy In Heaven” his divine intervention. We fight because we have his divine spark and have an obligation to protect and defend the precious gifts he’s given us. Ultimately it is not just that we will be defending those whom we love, but also the love God has shown us .
    I was told as a little boy by an American Soldier ” Who is going to fight harder? Will it be the one who has nothing left to loose, or is it the one who has everything in the world to loose and can not bare to loose it?”. We as Americans have everything in the world to loose. What are we going to do in the face of what is coming?

  2. Another documentary along the same lines is “Innocents Betrayed”, a historical review of the atrocities committed against defenseless people by their own governments as well as invaders. Too bad films like the one shown here could not get the distribution the propaganda films about the “Holocaust” get, but then we all know who controls the major venues of information, don’t we?

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