Hennepin County, Independent MEs Release George Floyd Autopsies

Jun 1, 2020
There are variations between the two, with the independent medical examiner’s autopsy saying asphyxiation from Derek Chavin’s knee was the sole cause of George Floyd’s death, Jennifer Mayerle reports (2:25).
WCCO 4 News At 5 – May 30, 2020

WCCO – CBS Minnesota

Jun 1, 2020

6 thoughts on “Hennepin County, Independent MEs Release George Floyd Autopsies

  1. Well
    The states lied to us before
    The pigs lie all the time
    They have a dog in this fight
    The independent guy really doesn’t
    So , that’s where my trust would go to

    I think this also shows
    We can’t trust anything that comes from the corporate enforcers and their paid off liars

    1. They’re using his high school picture (edited with prison garb) to make it look like he’s in prison. Because right now, he’s really giving Jeffrey Epstein a blow job on an island somewhere.

      1. I was about to question that picture of him
        Because it almost looks like it could have been another person

        1. Yeah, its probably him, just 20 years younger, either that or its his twin brother, it sure ass hell isn’t the same guy in that Hollywood JOO ASS production film.

          Henry talked about green screen shit along time ago, NOW I GET IT.

          1. When compared the two separate pics have some obvious anomalies, 1: The Hairline appears totally different. 2: The ears don’t seem to be matching (in my estimation). 3: Age is obviously different.

            My take, not the same guy.

            What I find real interesting is the fact that these two knew each other and worked together supposedly at that nightclub.

            as well as Mr. Floyds involvement in the adult film world, that world is overflowing with some of the worst kind of characters and they probably bought him on the cheap, assuming this is a staged event, which the videos appear to all be chopped up etc.

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