7 thoughts on “Henry Rollins – I Beg Young People To Travel

  1. So is he saying our country is bad or saying that it is not as bad as other countries or saying that our country is going to get worse? I’m confused.

      1. In that case, I think he hasn’t been in another country long enough because I beg to differ.

        Hey Henry Rollins,

        Do other countries have TSA?
        Do other countries think you’re a terrorist for taking photographs?
        Do other countries NOT allow you to drink beer on the street or in public?
        Do other countries ban Sugar and Soft drinks?
        Do other countries allow illegal immigrants to vote, become members of a jury, obtain driver’s license and get to talk to the president (if you call him that) and vice president (if you call him that, too) of that country?
        Do other countries leave their borders wide open?
        Do other countries allow another country’s troops to train in their country?
        Do other countries lower their flag for another country’s terrorist leader?
        Do other countries send all their jobs to another country and bring in foreigners to work any other leftover jobs in that country?
        Do other countries want to destroy their own currency as much as our country?
        Do other countries forbid you to say Merry Christmas?
        Do other countries have police who care more about traffic stops than about catching criminals?

        I’m sorry, but I’m going based on MY time LIVING and WORKING (not traveling) in Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, China, Singapore. A total of 5 years and I can tell you that I’ve seen none of these countries do that. So go shove it up your ass! I’ll see you in the FEMA camp, buddy.

        Everyone knew you were already stupid and I can see you just keep putting that foot deeper into your mouth.

        I love my country, but if We the People allow it to get any worse and keep saying it’s not that bad, as our families and countrymen are being thrown into the ditch, then we ain’t gonna have a one. This watered down rhetoric by Rollins is gonna give more people a false sense of security and get more people killed.

    1. Awe NC, LOL, I would love to see some lion skin dressed african or indian type – not american indian – have to come over here and walk 12 miles in the middle of winter for a few buckets of water, I would just love to see it when it is 10 – 20 degrees below zero.

  2. Dear Mr. Henry Rollins, kindly go f*** yourself, you communist, spineless piece of tripe! You seek to blind the eyes of Americans from seeing the con game that’s been playing out for over a century now. Why don’t you sir go live in another country, you’re obviously too stupid or ignorant to see what is happening in ours.

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