Here Comes Gruber Tape Number Five

Truth Revolt – by Jeff Dunetz

A fifth video of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber was released by Watchdog.comon Friday. It shows his continued lack of respect for the average American. This time he’s not calling all Americans stupid, or saying the Cadillac Tax was written to fool the economically illiterate. This time he is attacking one voter who sent the Vermont House Health Care Committee a letter stating his concerns about Obamacare. Gruber’s response to the letter was a snarky,“Was this written by my adolescent children by any chance?”

In the video (above) Feb 18, 2011 meeting of the Vermont House Representatives committee, Gruber listens to Democratic committee Chairman Mark Larson read a letter from a Vermont citizen who is concerned that Obamacare will lead to “ballooning costs, increased taxes and bureaucratic outrages,” among other things.

After Larson finishes reading the Vermonter’s letter, Gruber said mockingly, “Was this written by my adolescent children by any chance?” The room erupted in laughter.

As Watchdog reports, the letter writer and target of Gruber’s snarky comment was a two-term Vermont State Senator and advisor to President Reagan:

“It was actually written by a former senior policy adviser in the White House who knew something about health care systems,” said John McClaughry, a two-term Vermont state senator and adviser to President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s.

McClaughry, who wrote the comment in an op-ed weeks before the 2011 committee meeting, told Vermont Watchdog he did not know Gruber made the condescending insult. However, he was aware of other videos discovered this week in which Gruber boasted of writing deceptive policies to trick “stupid” American voters.

“No one should trust this man. … Based on the rest of the stuff that’s come out on the videos, nobody can trust this guy. He has no use for transparency, he thinks people are stupid, and he’ll do anything to get this thing through and pocket his $400,000. That’s not in the interest of the people of Vermont,” McClaughry said.

One thought on “Here Comes Gruber Tape Number Five

  1. Over educated morons (fully indoctrinated), after working in Higher Ed for a while it became obvious to me that the mutual back patting society (the higher educated) truly believe that anything and everything that falls out their mouths is genius, and the more they spent and the more ivy on the school the more genius they are.
    The scary part is, where the hundredsthousands of these genius graduates go every year, I believe this is one of the reasons for the income disparity problem, all these genius’s need a high paying job to justify ivy leagues cost and existence. So the numbers of managers grows, the bureaucracy grows, as well as the non-profits and charities(sic).
    Maybe a hundred monkeys pounding on keyboards could eventually produce some Shakespeare, but in the mean time they could produce things like the ( Affordable Care Act).

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