11 thoughts on “Here is the ISIS Militant without the US Army tattoo

  1. I find it hard to believe that good Amerikans like those who have wrested control of our government would do anything to misinform the ignorant masses. Why is it more macabre to cut the head off of a journalist with a sword than to completely dismember an innocent child with a bomb?

    1. The only real difference is that the drone pilots are pussies pushing a button and not actually having to look at the living person with a weapon and the possibility to getting real blood on your hands. A sniper is one thing but a f#@king drone pilot is a coward!

    2. They are more than likely u.s israeli/u.s dual citizens… True scum of the Earth… That was airbrushed out, Iwould wager a lot of money on it!!!!

  2. To me the bottom photo looks waaaay more photoshopped than the top one.

    1) The tattoo is fuzzier (less resolution) than the rest of the arm
    2) The orientation of the tattoo is straight up & down even though the arm is at a bit of an angle. I don’t think somebody would ask for that.
    3) The tattoo actually seems to protrude a bit from the arm 2 or 3 inches down from the elbow. See the flesh colored bump?
    4) Who gets a tattoo there? Usually a tattoo on the forearm is on the inside (palm side?)

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