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Here’s $70,000 Worth Of Losing Lottery Tickets


$500 (sarasota)

Ready to go – accurately counted and banded – all 2017 tickets

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5 Responses to Here’s $70,000 Worth Of Losing Lottery Tickets

  1. Hal Apeeno says:

    Obviously, someone ain’t with one of them there ‘covert societies’.


  2. albertpikebishop says:

    well mr stp..and I know what stp is or was..these scratch offs are from several years? hope I am right..and I can tell you how I in the end winning with the scratch my ass, scratch offs..simple..never buy a several bunch at a time from one game..you with me? jump to several lottery places..thats the gold …variety is the key..go too three places and I bet your sorry ass you win..but then again the house never looses ..

    • Joestp says:

      Yeah, asshat I have never played the lottery. The point is that some asshole blew 70k on pie in the sky tickets, but it sounds like it could be you!

  3. Steve from Ohio says:

    The lotteries…..a tax on the stupid.

  4. Ed Teach says:

    A winner would need the tax write off but so e have second chance drawings too.
    Asshat.. Lol.
    It’s a Craigslist ad.

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