4 thoughts on “Heroin addiction — it’s empowering!

    1. I lived with a heroin addict for 10 yr s…its euphoric, crippling, and destructive. The drug empowers NOTHING..it destroys

  1. People falsifying “illness” and “defects” has skyrocketed because it is being rewarded with praise and extra “rights”.

    It’s an instant trophy win and does wonders for a narcissist.

    Destructive behavior like this only adds to the pockets of those who have created the “treatment” to the problem they have created.

    I had a joo client whose neighbor/friend got clean at rehab and was given a cash reward for being such a good yenta and was amazed she turned the first rehab center she created into several in no time flat. I wasn’t surprised, because the gifted seed money she received for getting clean was to the tune of TEN MILLION DOLLARS.

    He worked for the moving company we hired and I mentioned something about the work and hours put in and he said “oh God, I sit in the office. It’s my parent’s company, I am not doing that!”

    So predictable.

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