HHS Launches $250M Propaganda Campaign to Convince People to Take the Experimental COVID Vaccines as Current Doses Sit Unused Due to American Resistance

Health Impact News – by Brian Shilhavy

Reporter Zachary Stieber of the Epoch Times is reporting today that President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed program for distributing COVID experimental vaccines is lagging way behind schedule.

Operation Warp Speed’s chief scientific adviser on Monday defended the federal government’s rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, but acknowledged there is a “lag” in getting the vaccines administered.

Officials with President Donald Trump’s administration said late last year that 20 million Americans would be vaccinated by the end of 2020. Instead, under 3 million people received vaccinations, out of some 12 million doses distributed to states, as of Dec. 30.

Moncef Slaoui, the operation’s adviser, said on CNN’s “New Day” that “nothing has gone wrong.” He was then played a snippet of what he said last year, when he said officials expected 40 million doses to be shipped and 20 million Americans to be vaccinated by the time 2021 hit.

“So obviously, I did say that, and, you know, that was our hope,” Slaoui said.

The operation, a federal government effort, distributes vaccine doses to states, which are then in charge of administering them.

According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tracker, most states haven’t come close to administering half of the doses they’ve received.

So why haven’t states “come close to administering half of the doses they’ve received”?

Surgeon General Jerome Adams said the delay in vaccinations stems from states not being fast enough to administer them, and hesitancy among a broad swath of the public in getting the new vaccines.

Read the full article at The Epoch Times.

America Divided Between those Who Watch and Read the Pharma-funded Corporate Media, and Those who Do Not

So what is the U.S. Government and Big Pharma going to do about all these unused experimental vaccines that Americans don’t want to take?

They are going to do the same thing they have been doing for decades: They are going to lie to the American people by giving the media $250 MILLION to produce propaganda using the “appeal to authority” technique by having “doctors” tell you how safe the vaccine is, and that it is your duty to get the vaccine for the good of humanity.

As FiercePharma reports:

Half of Americans remain skeptical about COVID-19 vaccines. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) calls that group the “movable middle,” and it plans to spend $250 million to convince them otherwise.

The first phase of the campaign, already underway in December, is an online video and radio effort to prep the market. The bulk of the effort aimed at promoting vaccinations—the “Building Vaccine Confidence” campaign—will officially kick off in late January in a bid to convince people to get the vaccine when it’s their turn.

The plans from HHS and the contracted Washington, D.C., consultancy Fors Marsh Group include paid and unpaid media elements. National and local TV, radio, print and social media buys will run concurrently with co-marketing partnership efforts with a variety of associations, nonprofits and corporations, including Google, with which HHS is currently in discussions. (Source.)

So who is the Liar in Chief that will be first up to convince the American public they should risk an experimental vaccine?

The man who has admitted to lying about herd immunity to try and trick people into getting the COVID vaccine for the “greater good,” Anthony Fauci.

As FiercePharma reports, this is a risky “double-edge” sword approach, since Fauci is so polarizing. People either love him, or hate him, and that reflects the division within America today among those who consume the pharma-funded corporate media and their watch dogs, Big Tech, and those who do not, but make the extra effort to research the truth for themselves.

The Ad Council video leads with Anthony Fauci, M.D., director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who says: “My primary message to healthcare professionals is please get vaccinated. It’s important to protect yourselves, to protect your family, but as important symbolically as healthcare providers to show confidence in the vaccine so that other people in this country follow suit and get vaccinated.”

It’s a likely to be a tough sell. Even HHS’ own data point to that. In pre-campaign surveys asking a wide cross-section of people whose advice they would trust to get a vaccine, HHS said half claimed they would get a vaccine if Fauci and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said to do so, while the other half said they specifically wouldn’t get a vaccine if told by Fauci and the CDC. (Source.)

Here is the first video produced by the Ad Council on YouTube. It is geared towards healthcare professionals, of whom up to 60% are refusing the vaccine.

After Anthony Fauci makes an appeal to guilt for healthcare workers, it is no accident that the doctors and nurses who speak next represent the next segments of society that the Globalists are targeting with these experimental vaccines: Blacks, Asians, and Latinos.

As FiercePharma reports:

The Fors Marsh strategy includes a plan to “heavy-up in vulnerable communities” of people disproportionately affected by COVID-19, including senior citizens with comorbid conditions, front-line workers and Black, American Indian and Alaska Native, Hispanic and American Pacific Islander populations. (Source.)

Here is a list of the lies that are being told to the American people through this video:

LIE #1: “It’s important to note that none of these vaccines can give you COVID19 since they only express a protein from the virus that allows your body’s immune system to generate antibodies.”

FALSE. The fact is, the COVID19 SARS virus has never been fully identified, and the PCR test to test for COVID19 is inaccurate. Even if what they say is true about there not being a COVID19 virus in the vaccine, since they can only at this point identify fragments from the faulty PCR test, who is to say that a “protein” from the virus that affects the body’s immune system would not produce symptoms of COVID19 and test positive?

Also, in Israel, which at the time of publication of this article has had the largest amount of people vaccinated with the experimental COVID vaccines, has reported that 240 people have come down with COVID right after being vaccinated. See:

4 People Died and 240 Got COVID19 in Israel After Being Injected with Pfizer Experimental mRNA Vaccine

So to say that “none of these vaccines can give you COVID19” is scientifically inaccurate, because the truth is these vaccines have not been studied long enough, and we just do not know.

LIE #2: “Because vaccines are given to millions of healthy people to prevent serious diseases, they’re held to very high safety standards. Both the FDA and the CDC have to ensure the safety and efficacy of the vaccines before they are recommended for use in the United States. The COVID19 vaccine, just like all others, are undergoing a rigorous process...”

FALSE. The COVID19 vaccines are NOT approved by the FDA like every other vaccine currently in the market, and the typical time it takes to bring a vaccine to market is 5-7 years. (Source.)

The experimental COVID vaccines should NOT be compared to vaccines that have full FDA approval, but to other times a vaccine was rushed to market under emergency use authorization, and the last time that happened was in 1976 with the Swine Flu “epidemic.”

But the “epidemic” never panned out. Only one death and 13 cases were attributed to the Swine Flu, while 25 people died from the vaccine and another 500 or so developed Guillain-Barre syndrome. The vaccine was withdrawn from the market after 10 weeks. See:

Healthcare Workers in the U.S. Suffer Serious Reactions from Illegal Pfizer Experimental Vaccine – Others Fake Vaccination on TV

LIE #3: “So far, we haven’t seen any trends of serious side effects.”

FALSE. They are trying to be clever by using the word “trends” so that specific cases of serious side effects, including DEATH, can be excused as “abnormal” or not a result of the vaccine.

But they got caught in their own lie here, as even the FDA has stated that they are investigating why so many people are experiencing anaphylactic shock after receiving the vaccine, focusing on the polyethylene glycol component of the vaccine. (Source.)

Not to mention that several people have now died after receiving the experimental vaccines, including one healthcare worker in Portugal, and apparently Nurse Tiffany Dover from Tennessee as well.

There were deaths in the vaccine trials as well, before the FDA EUA was issued. (Source.)

Facts About the Experimental COVID Vaccines they Do NOT Tell You

In addition to their lies, the people in this video are failing to give full disclosure about all the facts regarding these experimental COVD vaccines.

1. These vaccines are NOT approved by the FDA.

This is stated multiple times in the vaccine guidelines that are supposed to be given to everyone. Therefore, it is illegal to require anyone to take them. They are 100% voluntary, because you are basically participating in the last part of their vaccine trials in order to get FDA approval.

2. Emergency Use Authorization was issued by the FDA illegally, because other therapeutics to treat COVID19 are available.

Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are two older drugs already approved by the FDA that tens of thousands of doctors have used successfully to treat and cure COVID19.

In addition, the experimental COVID19 vaccines used the faulty PCR test in their trials, and therefore should never have been approved until accurate testing was used. An Administrative Stay of Action was filed against the FDA, but they simply ignored it. See:

“Stay of Action” Filed Against FDA to STOP Approval of COVID Vaccine for Using Faulty PCR Tests in Trials

3. Warnings of Potential Infertility due to These Experimental Vaccines are NOT Being Issued by the FDA

The UK guidelines for the Pfizer vaccine warn of potential infertility of women and also do NOT recommend pregnant women receive the vaccine, while neither warnings are issued for the same vaccine for Americans. See:

Unlike UK, U.S. FDA Allows Pregnant and Nursing Women to Receive Experimental Pfizer COVID Vaccine

Also, the University of Miami is investigating the effects of the COVID-19 vaccines on male fertility. See:

Study investigates effects of COVID-19 vaccine on male fertility

The other thing that the U.S. Government and Big Pharma never disclose, is the revolving door between both. Former FDA Chief Scott Gottlieb, for example, now sits on the Board of Directors for Pfizer. See:

Former FDA Director Gottlieb Now Pfizer Board Member Secures $1.95 BILLION for COVID Vaccine

The CDC, FDA, and HHS have become primarily marketing branches of Big Pharma.

The Corporate Media is Owned by Big Pharma

While in years past the primary advertisers funding the corporate media were Wall Street conglomerates heavily invested in tobacco and the oil industry, today it is Big Pharma.


Brainwashing the Masses: 6 Companies Own Almost ALL of the Media in the U.S. – Using Medical “Doctors” to Sell Their Message

Protecting their financial interest in the pharmaceutical trade is Big Tech, as now even Google is a pharmaceutical company, and they filter their search results to censor anything that challenges pharmaceutical products like vaccines. See:

The Vaccine Deep State

And now, the U.S. Government is going to give the corporate media and Big Tech a quarter of a million dollars to try and brainwash you into getting the unapproved experimental COVID vaccine, which is a mere drop in the bucket of the $TRILLIONS of American wealth that has been transferred to Big Pharma in 2020 all in the name of the “pandemic.”

Don’t be fooled by their lies! Turn off your TVs and stop watching these Hollywood-style actors and actresses posing as journalists spew forth this dangerous propaganda.

Health Impact News

10 thoughts on “HHS Launches $250M Propaganda Campaign to Convince People to Take the Experimental COVID Vaccines as Current Doses Sit Unused Due to American Resistance

  1. What has this government told the public in your entire lifetime that was straight up and truthful . That will be a very short list! What they have done is program the masses to believe anything that they are told and to not question authority.

  2. “American Resistance”

    yeah.. y’all better get used to that ..because i got a feeling its only going to get way more in your face than ever before

  3. A week ago they were telling us that nurses were stabbing each other in the back to be first on line for the new vaccine. Now the truth comes out that no one wants anything to do with it.

    “America Divided Between those Who Watch and Read the Pharma-funded Corporate Media, and Those who Do Not”

    Do you realize the importance of this? In case you don’t, it means we’re WINNING. When people arrive at the point where they no longer trust the Zionist propaganda machine, they look elsewhere for real news and information. Everyone who knows the truth is on our side, and I think you can now estimate our numbers in the hundred-million range. Very few will be vocal about it, because it often means losing your job, but THEY KNOW, and when the time comes, they’re also going to know which direction to aim their rifles.
    It’s incidents like this, gun sales, and drops in TV viewership that give us a credible peek at how many people are on our side, and the numbers are SCARY. (for them)

    1. Can you imagine Americans no longer watching football?

      A few years ago such a thought would be impossible, but now it seems that they’re realizing they have no time for silly distractions.

      Watching sports is fun when there’s nothing else to worry about, but that’s no longer the case, and Americans know it.

      1. As for sports, especially NFL football, it’s rigged to the core (with or without Kaepernickian-style kneeling for the national anthem nonsense)….and more proof of this is the crapola ‘covid-19″ list of players and coaches who have to sit out until they text negative, which most of them do a few days later just because the NFL can’t do without them, or sit out longer than two weeks just to rig outcomes…. And another thing…for the first time ever the average number of points per game has gone way up…the NFL knows they are losing fans so they have to rig it somehow to get the fans to come back, and then there is the “fun” of having teams like Bills and Browns that have been crappy for years suddenly becoming powerhouses…it’s all rigged folks!

  4. No time to read all of this, mostly it boils down to this criminal system to Make them mandatory.

    And golly gee whiz I sure wish they would…! Because that puts us wayyy more closer to directly, physically engaging those whom would dare try to enforce such a thing and that includes the biz we work at and agencies like DMVs etc

    Look NWO if you want war with the people you got it, you can’t win it, never could.

    Again, not without blood…! So do it, get real, get in our faces and act tough…! And then call the UN to help… ha ha

  5. “As FiercePharma reports, this is a risky “double-edge” sword approach, since Fauci is so polarizing. People either love him, or hate him…”

    I am definitely among those who hate him. “F–ksi” should drop dead and go straight back to the fourth dimension of Hell where he came from.

    In the end, everybody has to decide for themselves, either follow the rest of the sheep to the slaughter house or make your stand and defend your life and liberty to the bitter end.

  6. “…since Fauci is so polarizing. People either love him, or hate him…”

    I am definitely among those who hate him. “Fucsi” should drop dead and go straight back to the fourth dimension of Hell where he came from.

    In the end, everybody has to decide for themselves, either follow the rest of the sheep to the slaughter house or make your stand and defend your life and liberty to the bitter end.

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