HI updates: Lt Gov of Hawaii announces “Travel with Aloha! “

Update 1: Lt. Gov of Hawaii Announces “Travel with Aloha!” Wants ALL passengers to have a rapid covid test 72 hrs PRIOR to flight. If it’s negative, you can come to Hawaii and not quarantine.

“The Travel With Aloha program took a big step toward becoming a reality Friday when the US Food and Drug Administration issued emergency authorization for a new antigen test produced by the Quidel Corporation. The test is billed as a quicker and cheaper alternative to current testing methods.

Conducted via nasal swab, Quidel’s rapid test can be turned around on-site within minutes by identifying proteins consistent with COVID-19.

An ideal test for travel is one that can determine if a person has been sick in the last 72 hours, and which can confirm results quickly enough for that information to matter. Quidel’s test accomplishes both of these things. “


My comments:

Notice the rapid test above shows proteins CONSISTANT with covid-19 – which means NOTHING!

Not “law” yet but may be coming soon to ALL airports.

Update 2: Hawaii Gov Ige Considers Photographing all incoming Visitors:

HI Gov wants to photograph all incoming visitors and impose a minimum $2000 fine for breaking quarantine. (not ordered yet). This, on top of the current: Must give a valid cell phone # upon entry, which is called and verified at the airport, stay in your room for 14 days, will get daily phone calls, and random in-person checks to see if you’re in the place you stated, along with a fine of $1000 to $5000 and/or jail for breaking quarantine.


I haven’t heard of anyone being jailed yet for breaking quarantine, but several groups of visitors have been sent back to the mainand for breaking quarantine.

Gov also wants temperature checks done on ALL passengers and crew at the airport of departure prior to boarding. (this was in another story).

3 thoughts on “HI updates: Lt Gov of Hawaii announces “Travel with Aloha! “

  1. How can you possibly trust any test? This whole thing is bullshit anyway..the real test is, are you stupid enough to actually subject yourself to it? ridiculous!.

  2. And so it begins….in order to travel, we all need to be vaccinated or take a completely worthless test that’s not even approved by the FDA, if that even matters.


    1. I keep saying to people these days “No, it’s actually all BELIEVABLE!” because these creatures are actually implementing exactly what they’ve always been working towards & exactly what we’ve been warning people about for ages. I’ll be honest – I don’t have an abundance of faith in many of the people around me personally that I’ve been warning about this for years to actually physically do anything about it BUT I do actually have the strong feeling that there are enough good people like yourselves around who WILL fight this & eventually beat it! I will continue to work on those around me because being optimistic is the only way to be when it comes to a literal battle between GOOD & pure evil! Let’s fight this & WIN!

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