Hidden From You – Low Teaser Rates On Loans – Reset Later To Much Higher

The 2008 meltdown was caused by loaning money to anything that could fog a mirror. If you had a pulse, you got a loan, it was done by people who couldn’t help themselves, this was their business, the business of the big short.

So now we are seeing more of the same, 35 million people out of work, blamed on something called the Coronavirus, nothing more than a smoke and mirror con to hide the same mistakes that led up to the 2008 billionaire bonanza, they reap, while we suffer. 

This is just a carryover of the 2008 financial collapse, it just had to have a different face, this face needed a mask. LITERALLY, or you wouldn’t buy it, simply a con, nothing less.

Nothing really changed since 2008 in that now, the whole world is in the game, the big short. Businesses had to be shut down, money had to be taken out of circulation so the billionaire boys club could collect, and have they ever.

Now we read that billionaires have increased their wealth by as much as 40 percent, who do you think suffered for that to happen?

The maggots in Washington want their retirement packages intact, and this Corona BS was the vehicle they used for that to happen, again we get screwed, while the kings control our destiny.

It’s not rocket science people… Loaning money to people with hidden terms, blindsided later with much higher rates, then the foreclosure, but this time they need good cover, the Corona cover…PERFECT!!!

5 thoughts on “Hidden From You – Low Teaser Rates On Loans – Reset Later To Much Higher

  1. People being told to wear rubber inner tunes around their waists to keep them from getting to close to other people?

    REALLY? So billionaires can steal more money?

  2. The economy is rigged to collapse every 8 – 12 years… That’s why mortgages are 15 – 30 years !!! One of the many scripted ways the cabal mobsters make their (our) money.


    1. Yep, Hangman, I am 49 and I’ve seen firsthand the cycle. It’s predictable as hell and sunrise but dummies keep saying “I’ll recuperate, just give it some time.”

      Once you notice, live and experience something for yourself, it makes things a whole lot clearer, but greed clouds good judgement.

      Pride is the other aspect, as no one likes to admit they’ve been HAD. Most will lie through their teeth to avoid having to admit they’ve been taken, just like mortgages and buying/selling real estate. They’re always “winners” but when you put it down in black and white, on paper, they lost their arses, but you ain’t ever gonna hear them trumpet THAT B.S. from the highest mountain top.

      Oh, pride…almost like there’s a saying about it or something…

    1. My anger surpassed my pride on this subject long ago. I’ve been fighting these bastards over 12 years ! Still in the home I designed and built entirely by myself, while being a single father and running my business. The “alleged” mortgage now stands at 1.2 million on a $440,000 house. Every day I wonder if that piece of mail will come that either gives me a stroke or sends me into a blind rage. This is life in the trenches. One thing is for sure the first one that tries to displace me will not be eligible for an open casket.

      I was not a deadbeat either, my sole proprietor business grossed over $380,000 when I built my home.


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