High Flying Hillary Clinton Calls “Climate Change” Most Important Issue Facing Nation And World

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Former Senator and failed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who used lots and lots of fossil fuels to perform those jobs, is traveling all around the country, nominally to support her book, using lots and lots of fossil fuels, gave her take on “climate change”

(Politico) Hillary Clinton expounded on climate change, energy exports, natural gas drilling and green energy Thursday — all while managing to play it safe.

At Sen. Harry Reid’s National Clean Energy Summit, Clinton called climate change “the most consequential, urgent, sweeping collection of challenges we face as a nation and a world.”

She apparently missed the memo that fossil fuels are Bad for “climate change”. And we shouldn’t be surprised that she has ignored the danger from Islamic extremists, Russia, China, and other players.

She also cited the potential benefits of producing and exporting natural gas and oil.

Huh. Strange. She also stated that she’s 100% onboard with Obama’s EPA dictates. As long as they do not affect herself, of course. She also decided to use derogatory language

(MSNBC) Hillary Clinton called out climate change “deniers” at a clean energy conference in Las Vegas Thursday evening, but revealed little new about what her own energy policy platform might look like if she decides to run for president.

Clinton began her remarks at the National Clean Energy Summit by laying out the problems climate change is already causing today, including extreme weather and droughts. “[These are] the most consequential, urgent, sweeping collection of challenges we face,” she said. “No matter what deniers say.” (snip)

“Aside from the deniers and the special interests and all the other folks who want to pretend we don’t have a crisis is the fact that we are leaving money and jobs behind,” she said. “For those on the other side, they have to answer to the reality they are denying peoples’ jobs and middle class incomes and upward mobility by their refusal to look to the future.”

Clinton never did anything of consequence in the Senate. No big pieces of legislation sponsored. She was a joke of a Secretary of State. Though some of that can surely be blamed on her boss, Barack Obama. Now she’s out there using derogatory language, equating American citizens with Holocaust deniers, all while using lots and lots of fossil fuels. And doing this in a place that uses massive amounts of power.

(ABC News) If Hillary Clinton has it her way, every casino in Las Vegas would soon be getting a makeover.

During her keynote at the 7th annual National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas today, Clinton called for companies to retrofit buildings to become more energy efficient, and challenged the city’s biggest industry–casinos–to start making the change.

“Imagine if every casino in Las Vegas retrofitted to improve energy efficiency and if they made it possible for all their employees to do the same in their homes,” Clinton said. “It would save on utility bills. It would save on energy. It would save on greenhouse gas emissions.”

If Hillary has her way, they will be forced to do just that, which will result in rolling brownouts and blackouts, along with a loss of jobs. While she still lives the Big Carbon Footprint lifestyle.

Imagine if she took the threats from extremist Islam, Russia, China, and others seriously. Instead of this mostly made up notion of “climate change”.


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  1. Oh it’s changing alright but only because of her crooked little jooess fingers are in the mix with hosing us like insects. Profiting from book sales that tell of the results of her murder plot on us makes her somehow even MORE disgusting to me than I already thought she was! She has no limits to her evil and depravity.

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