High-tech town with ‘Hyperloop’ proposed in California


KINGS COUNTY, Calif. (KGPE) — A high-tech community called “Quay Valley” could be popping up in California soon. It would be a self-sustained, solar powered community with a unique high speed transportation system.

On the outskirts of Kings County, along the I-5, there is a field of dreams. 7,500 acres of farmland, destined for development, as far as Quay Hays is concerned.  

“It’s simply the way a community should be developed,” Hays said.

Hays’ vision is a self sustained, solar powered community with 25,000 homes, resort hotels, restaurants and 5 miles of high speed transportation, a Hyperloop. An idea from the mind of Elon Musk, still a concept like the town, but one step closer to construction.

“It’s a good fit for us, we are the transportation of the future and they are the town of the future,” said Dirk Ahlborn, CEO Hyperloop Transportation Technology.

The town’s future is in the hands of Kings County. Greg Gatzka with the community development agency says an application was submitted on the 13th, beginning the first of 4 phases of the application process,

“We have an application, a preliminary design plan, we are reviewing that to see if we have a complete application or needed additional information,” Gatzka said.

The agency will be looking at land use issues, environmental factors and resource constraints.

Which brings up the big question, is there enough water in the area to support a town?

Judi Freitas doesn’t think so.

“Given the constraints of water, nothing goes without water and that’s a reality, we do not have it here in Kings County,” Freitas said.

Quay Hays on the other hand says his town has the answer.

“We’ll be able to set new standards, in lowering the amount of water needed, because we’ll be recapturing and reusing every drop that’s used,” Hays said.

It’s all part of his dream to change the face of the central valley and turn isolated farmland into a community.


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