Highly Decorated Cop Charged With 20 Counts of Raping Dogs, Including His Own Police K9

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Bossier City, LA — A police officer from the Bossier City Police Department was arrested in December for filming an unspeakable act with an animal. Officer Terry Yetman, 38, has been charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse of animals—and he produced the evidence himself. Now, however, it appears that one of his animal victims was his own police K9. Over 20,000 people have since signed a petition for his prosecution.

“Thousands of In Defense of Animals supporters were moved by this horrific case and want to see justice done,” Doll Stanley, campaign director for In Defense of Animals, said. “A healthy society protects its innocents: vulnerable children, animals, elderly citizens. Sexual predators must be made to fear the loss of freedom and a stinging financial impact. We call on District Attorney Marvin Schuyler to take zero tolerance stance on bestiality and prosecute Yetman to the fullest if he is found guilty.”

According to the Louisiana State police, Yetman was arrested on December 19 and charged with 20 counts of sexual abuse of animals by performing sexual acts with an animal, and 20 counts of filming sexual acts with an animal.

Louisiana state criminal code 89 Crime Against Nature carries a first offense penalty of a maximum $2,000 fine and/or a five-year prison sentence, psychological evaluation and no contact with animals for a minimum of five years, according to the press release.

Yetman was a decorated officer on the departments Domestic Task Force. The task force was responsible for championing the rights of domestic violence victims and their families. And, just last year, Yetman was awarded the the 2018 Trey Hutchison Award for his work on the force.

According to the Bossier Parish sheriff’s department, Hutchison was killed in the line of duty in August 2004 as he responded to a domestic violence call. Officer Yetman was given this award and “recognized for (his) outstanding efforts over the past year to champion the protective rights of domestic violence victims and their families,” according to the department.

Sadly, however, it appears that Yetman led a double life and while he was “championing the rights of domestic violence victims,” he was initiating and filming his own violence and abuse at home.

According to WGNO:

Detectives with the Louisiana State Police Special Victim’s Unit began an investigation into Yetman’s activities in August, and that investigation resulted in a search warrant for Yetman’s residence.

Detectives found pornography involving sexual acts with an animal on electronic devices belonging to Yetman, according to the LSP.

Yetman turned himself in when he learned warrants had been issued for his arrest.

The Louisiana State Police put out a statement asking anyone who may have information about individuals engaged in this type of illegal activity to report it immediately by calling (318) 741-2733 or reporting it online at www.lsp.org under the suspicious activity link.

Yetman is expected to appear in court on April 23.

Oddly enough, police officers sexually abusing animals—and even filming it—is not an isolated incident.

As TFTP reported, Robert Melia Jr. was sworn to protect and serve, but a Burlington County jury found he abandoned that oath when he and his former girlfriend repeatedly molested teenagers in the home they shared in Moorestown.

The attacks, including a violent sexual assault on an incapacitated, bound and blindfolded teenager captured on video, took place just feet from where his Moorestown police uniform hung on his bedroom door. Melia and his girlfriend also filmed themselves having sex with a cow. They were both arrested and convicted for their acts.

Officer Derren Tomlinson, 44, with the West Mercia Police department was sentenced to 11 years in prison for unspeakable crimes against children and animals. The allegations against this well-respected police officer of nine years shocked the town.

This model public servant was convicted of raping a girl under 13-years-old, sexual assault on a child, and bestiality. When sentencing Tomlinson, Judge Robin Onions said he was “utterly unsuited to being a (police officer)” — an understatement, to say the least.

In June of last year, a Harris County Sheriff’s deputy, who was fired after the department found he’d produced and starred in a video where he was having sex with a dog, was sentenced to 27 years in prison. The cop, Andrew C. Sustaita Jr., 31, was not sentenced to prison for having sex with a dog. Instead, he was remanded to Texas’ penal system because he was found to have been in possession of child pornography.

As TFTP reported last year, Sustaita’s bestiality made national headlines but once investigators secured search warrants for his computer, some 200 videos and images of child pornography were discovered, some involving a family member’s daughter, made by Sustaita himself.

All three of the above mentioned officers were not only sexually abusing animals, but they were also found to be sexually abusing children—a truly disturbing pattern.

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  1. Dam the sick fzcks keep showing there selfs . Dam making porn movies with your neighbors dogs some sick stuff there and on top of that I bet he keeps his job and get a raise and made head of animal control

  2. Yetman. Go figure.
    A sick f–king Yid!!
    Needs to be stomped into the ground like a rat in the hen house and fixed to a fence post for the coyotes!!!
    That’s one sick !!!

  3. He’s been decorated with all the wrong metals, and not just for his abuse of animals. Sk fk

    He let his inner-pig show on video. The rest are just better at masking it.

  4. wish the sick f@#ks had of been sentanced to prison back when i was doing time, at fox lake correctional in wisconson i made an ex chief of police catch protective custody after i cought him smiling and laughing at a card table, i told him that i did not want to see him smiling or laughing again, and that he was to look at the floor when ever me or another brother entered the room. this was in intake where you waited for a bed in population to open up and the room was behind security office. yes, i really mean brother as we white boys rode with Hitler if you get the drift . because i had been oustrassized after being molested as a pre teen, i did not care if molesters paid the brotherhood protection money or not, they better stay out of reach or their life didnt mean shit to me. i had flameables, drugs shanks etc…. all hidden in secrete compartment that beat every shakedown until a stupid pot head snitched me out, and i got 8 and 180 in hole, was kicked out of portage super max on manditory release 2 weeks after getting out of the hole.
    send these sorry f@#@ks to a real prison, they wont last long in this world.

  5. How do you bleach your mind of this kind of shit and just go about your day?
    I’m fking surrounded by a beurocracy that’s gone off its rails
    And they want to judge us ?…!

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