5 thoughts on “Hilarious: White House Dared People To Photoshop Obama’s Gun Picture… And Did They Ever…

  1. I liked the one with the moving legs. Fits shim perfectly! Just should have made the legs a little lighter didn’t match the rest, maybe wearing black fishnets can’t tell hehe!

  2. The short shorts doin’ his dance hall kicks is my favorite, too. Second is him shooting with the azzhat redcoats, which tells the story of what he’s done to the nation his whole time in the District of Criminals.

  3. This is GREAT!!!!!!! I would like to say, “Only in America”. I can’t. People of the World are finally getting it together. YES!!!!!!! ROFL…can’t stop……..

  4. Bugs Bunny with his finger in the barrel using my favorite line of his: “What a maroon!”

    The Rockettes routine is freakin’ hilarious too.

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