Hillary Announces Speaking Tour to Restore Faith in Government

Breitbart – by BEN SHAPIRO

On Monday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told the American Bar Association annual meeting in San Francisco that she would be launching a series of speeches about American foreign policy in the “next few months.” According to Philip Rucker, White House correspondent for The Washington Post, Hillary planned to emphasize restoring faith in government – an ironic theme, considering that she was a member of the current administration presiding over the rapid decline in faith in government.  

The speech today was clearly a launching point for a 2016 campaign. She put heavy emphasis on bashing voter ID laws suggesting that they were “often [passed] under the cover of addressing the phantom epidemic of ‘voter fraud.’” Such laws have been a bugaboo of the Obama administration, which has sought to portray them as racist in an attempt to stir outrage against Republicans.


Ben Shapiro is Editor-At-Large of Breitbart News and author of the New York Times bestseller “Bullies: How the Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences America” (Threshold Editions, January 8, 2013).


14 thoughts on “Hillary Announces Speaking Tour to Restore Faith in Government

  1. Hillary The Hut – lecturing people about restoring,… “Faith-In-Government”???

    Wouldn’t that be kind of like:

    – Hitler giving sensitivity training on religious tolerance?

    – Pee-Wee Herman discussing proper movie theater edict?

    – Charles Manson telling people about power of groupie pyschology?

    – Obama discussing Constitutional Law?

    – The IRS letting people know about our “voluntary Tax” system?

    – The FBI declaring how they stop terrorism,… by supporting it?

    – The CIA giving a symposium on how to STOP the global drug trade?

    – Adolph Bloomberg discussing the virtues of “Big Goverment”?

    – The NSA telling everyone they have a “Right To Privacy”?

    – Israel fighting its own wars?

    – The Federal Reserve acknowledging they are a criminal cartel?

    ….. and the list goes on,.. and on,.. and on…. forever.

    JD – US Marines – There are no other legitimate options left,… its a question of when are we going to say “enough”,… and abolish this criminal cartel of pyschopaths in Washington DC,.. then convict, and hang the whole lot of them?

    1. Yup, yup. Your so right no worry though she wont be able to do it their time is up. They exposed their corruption and the people will never buy it.

  2. The only thing this creature could ever possible say
    that would be worth listening to is:
    “Due to the fact that I am not qualified to hold any
    office, I here by resign from all official positions
    that I’ve obtained by fraud, And further more, I
    intend to retire from public life and reside in a
    monastery in Tibet.”
    “By the way, I’ll be taking Bill along too.”

  3. This is probably a way of charging large fees and receiving pay offs. Politications have been doing this for decades and more


    Whoops, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t laugh. She was being serious.


    I’m sorry, I just can’t help myself.

  5. The witch has already had some plastic surgery and lipo-suction to make her appear prettier to American fools stupid enough to vote for this wanna-be Stalin.

  6. Believing anything this twisted bitch had to say would be like believing Jack the Ripper saying he had nothing to do with those hookers. However i would believe Jack before her.Maybe she’ll come up with another story about how she was ducking sniper bullets again.Anybody have a meat grinder?

  7. That headline is amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever felt like laughing and throwing up at the same time before. That’s a firsty!
    I think this is a clear case of mad cow disease and for the health and safety of the general public she should be put down.

  8. She must have bumped her head again! Its too bad it wasn’t hard enough to snap her neck. Soon enough I hope.

  9. Hillary on Tour to restore faith in Government? The dead at Benghazi must be spinning in their graves. Hillary denies security to the Benghazi area after repeated attacks, then comes up with some phony video and mythical spontaneous crowd excuse. Her specialty is deception and diversion Designed to Cover Up deadly Government Incompetence. She should be on a tour as the Poster Clown For Government Incompetence.

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