Hillary Clinton, America’s Darling

A new Fox Poll out says Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s job performance is rated as follows: 59% approve, 29% disapprove, and 12% are unsure.  This, as Hillary is playing hooky from the Congressional investigation into the Benghazi attack that left a US ambassador and his body guards dead.

This is a classic example of propaganda polling to bolster the image of one of these criminals when they find themselves in a compromising position.  These polls are the bullshit of all bullshit.  The label says the poll was conducted December 9th through the 11th with the question presented to 1,012 registered voters with a margin of error of + or – 3%.  Bull, bull, bull, bullshit.

I’ll tell you how this poll was conducted.  59% are registered communists, 29% are registered national socialists/neo-cons, and 12% represents a bullshit category they just made up because they needed the number to add up to 100%.

Hillary Clinton proclaimed herself as a socialist on the White House steps as her and Bill were leaving.  I don’t know, it might have just been a diversion to cover the moving vans carrying away the property she stole from our White House, but I think not.

Hillary Clinton is a traitor of the highest order.  She and Billy are dope runners and child murderers according to the documentary, The Clinton Chronicles, which I find highly credible and well documented.

If our Republic was functioning under our original Constitution as it was written, Hillary would have been tried, convicted, and executed for high treason a long time ago.  She has been an intricate part in more acts of treason than there is rice in China.  She is right in the middle of Fast and Furious, her and her dike buddy, Janet Napolitano.  You see she is the Secretary of State and this so called operation, in being conducted across international borders, would require her full endorsement and authorization.

But, then again, like Eric Holder, she will simply tell our Congress to shove their investigation up their ass as it has reached the point that the international corporate mafia is immune from our laws.

What really bites is the fact that it is the most atrocious among these traitors who are now standing up and demanding that the American people be disarmed.  I guess the question is real simple.  Who out here among we American nationals trust Hillary Clinton or any other member of this diabolical murderous government enough to throw up their hands and turn in their guns?

59%, my ass.  I think I will stick with the numbers they do not want to talk about and that would be the record sales of firearms, which has increased after each and every false flag.  I hope I am around for the victory celebration and live to see Hillary Clinton led into court, with leg and hand shackles attached to a belly chain and wearing an orange jump suit, to face justice for the ten thousand crimes she has committed.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

12 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton, America’s Darling

  1. Hillary Clinton is a crook. She and Bill have stolen billions from “We the People”. This woman runs around the globe like she owns the damn place. What has this woman actually accomplished while Secretary of State?

    NADA!….Only to be the first woman in history to fly 15 times around the world on the taxpayers dime. Even Emelia Earheart is now jealous.

    My thoughts are she is actually running around trying to find safe havens for the money she and her husband, Bill Clinton; (only the second president in the history of the republic to be Impeached) have amassed through fraud.

    Americans have had it up to here with the Clintons, all show and no go. Just a couple nobody’s who have become rich to an unbelievable level, while never earning a dime of it. Another couple of high level crooks who will answer some day to the man above.

    Hillary is nothing more than a circus barker for America who is complicit in our destruction. She will command millions as she peters out, from tell all books and fairy tales of the rich and famous.

    She has become scary in the fact that she has taken a resemblance to the character Blanche, in the psychological thriller, “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane”; played by Betty Davis in 1962.

  2. Far from being “America’s darling”, I’m willing to bet that an honest poll would mark her as being the world’s most hated woman.

    They’re constantly throwing poll numbers in your face for a reason; humans have an incredibly strong need to “fit in”, or conform to whatever society they’re born into or surrounded by. It’s a need that’s almost as important to them as food and shelter, and in fact, immediately follows those items in the list of human needs, as identified by a famous psychologist named Maslow. (if you want to research this yourself, look up “Maslow’s need scale”).

    Exactly in the same way that a dog will instinctively join a pack to facilitate hunting, humans form tribes as a necessity of their survival, and that need to fit in with their tribe is so strong that they will seldom say or do anything unless they’re completely sure in advance how their “tribe” will react to it. (this is why most people fear public speaking; they can’t predict the reactions of large numbers of people)

    So when “poll” numbers are released, they’ll always indicate that “most Americans think this”, or “most Americans think that”, and the result is that many people will adopt the thinking indicated by the poll as being the most popular, because that satisfies their need to conform, and be part of their tribe.

    This same human need to “fit in” is used to sell you new cars and the latest fashions, and is constantly employed to ostracize people whose ideas are unpopular. For example, they’ll brand 9-11 Truthers as “freaks” so you’ll avoid being one of them, and they’re right. 9-11 Truthers ARE freaks, because what qualifies someone as being a “freak” is that he isn’t as strongly motivated by this need to fit in as others are. (you’d be hard-pressed to find someone “freakier” than myself, because I don’t gave a rat’s butt what anyone thinks)

    This allows them to sway the opinions of many people with BS poll numbers that try to convince people that it’s how everyone else is thinking.

    Don’t fall for it. Since you already know they lie about everything else, why would you believe their poll numbers?

  3. Lets not forget how all of the 30, 20 round magazines and drums are all SOLD OUT… EVERYWHERE

    People are not buy 30 round magazines in bulk to, hand them in or just for paper shooting.

  4. I’ve never cared one whit for polls, especially anything from Fox. They’ve never portrayed even the slightest modicum of credibility, as far as I’m concerned.

    As for Hitlery, she has my vote – to be second in line at the gallows, right behind that POS foreigner, Obummer.

  5. Just another self-serving barracuda. Just like Nasty Nancy Pelosi. From the general poll numbers on Congress (ha!), do you really think they care what the people think of them? Does it matter? Do you really think people vote for these mutts?
    They hear their master’s voices. Newsflash: That ain’t us! The most effective thing we can do is to just ignore this whole gaggle of parasites. Turn your backs to them. Think about it. What’s to poll? Do you like criminal “A” or criminal “B”? How about “none of the above”. The mere fact that they keep “nominating” these swine should be proof enough that they not only don’t care what we think, they’re rubbing our noses in it.

  6. Back in 1983 in Seattle, three witnesses saw Hillary Clinton take a black .38 Colt revolver out of her purse. In 1995, they found it clean of prints on a recently shot and dumped Vince Foster. I was the fourth witness who wrote down the serial numbers back in 1983. No joke.

  7. somebody throw a bucket of water over the “wicked witch of the west”, and see if she melts!

    but be carefull, or she will set some flying monkey’s on you.

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