Hillary throws out the tattered race card to scare up support for her tattered record

Tea Party Cheer – by Ed Farnan

With no real accomplishments as  and much to defend while she occupied that position,  signaled her upcoming presidential campaign strategy in a grand opening speech in San Francisco last week.

She threw down the dog eared and quite worn out Democrat hole card of racist scare tactics…..again.  

If Hillary actually had something to offer besides being a woman with a burning ambition to be president, she would have featured it in her first unofficial campaign speech….

But as it turned out, her first speech inflamed paranoia in the black community by criticizing the recent Supreme Court decision striking down key provisions of the 1965 . As if somehow, this decision would open the door for states to take the right to vote away from black voters…As if it is something that these states have been licking their chops to do.

But of course Hillary knows this decision has nothing to do with taking voting rights away from black voters, but has everything to do with ensuring there is integrity at the American ballot box, by requiring valid identification when voting or registering to vote.

But when did Hillary ever let truth get in the way of her agenda?

Black voter participation has risen dramatically since 1996, in spite of increasing amount of states tightening up their voter ID laws and there is NO evidence of black ….. If there was it would have been front page news.

No one is trying to suppress the black vote, the pure reason behind requiring voter ID that every civilized democratic nation in the world has, is to ensure the integrity of the system.

If the past is any predictor of future events, look for Hillary’s campaign to be negative and divisive, it’s not pretty and it is not good for the country, but it is effective. If your record is one of disastrous foreign policy, full of scandal and obfuscation, then you take the focus off of you and throw out the red herrings.

Look for Hillary to exploit the race card and create fear in her base of special interests. We will even watch her slowly morph into different dialects as she exploits old fears. See Hillarys Selma speech

But Hillary’s going to have a slugfest ahead as old scandals erupt and new ones emerge. You can say a lot about the Clintons, but they have always been scandal plagued. Where there’s smoke there is going to be fire.

Even left leaning New York time columnist  wrote a scathing article on the unfettered greed exposed by the revelations in the . See article. This just might signal the first crack in the coronation plan Hillary/Bill have on the White House.


Ed Farnan: An American with Irish roots living in California. Took an interest in politics when politics took an interest in me. Follow Ed on Twitter also catch his regular post on Irish Central


3 thoughts on “Hillary throws out the tattered race card to scare up support for her tattered record

    1. But she tries SO hard to do the right thing, Cathleen.

      To line her pockets and further her political career, that is.

  1. “St. Paul told us, in a letter to the Galatians”

    I bet Paul is rolling over in his grave right now, knowing that Satan’s wife is using his words and God’s word to deceive the people of the world.

    Hillary is so fake, she puts phony on a whole new level. Her acting skills are so bad that I gotta say, Paris Hilton has better acting skills than her.

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