“Historic crisis” along US West Coast

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Press Democrat, Feb 11, 2016 (emphasis added): Scientists and lawmakers foresee grim outlook for California’s ocean fisheries… the outlook is overwhelmingly grim, presenters said at an annual forum of the joint legislative Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture. “Something’s going on in the ocean, and it’s not right, and it doesn’t fit our historical understandings,” California Fish and Wildlife Director Chuck Bonham told members of the committe… Bonham noted stretches of coastline suddenly barren of sea urchins… [N]umerous anomalies… are growing increasingly apparent, Bonham said. “This should be an…alarm to the general public”… Bonham said… [S]everal witnesses Thursday forecast what most in the industry already have anticipated: a collapse, or near collapse, of key salmon runs in the state… “I cannot say this more bluntly,” [State Senator Mike McGuire] said. “We are facing a fishery disaster here in California”… U.S. Department of Commerce [is] considering a request by Gov. Jerry Brown to declare a fishery disaster…  

Ocean Beach Rag, Feb 18, 2016: California’s Crab and Salmon Fisheries Threatened ByHistoric Crisis… [O]fficials testified about the dire situation that the salmon and crab fishery is in at a recent forum at the State Capitol… “The salmon and crab fisheries are threatened by ahistoric crisis. We’re facing a fishery disaster” [said Senator Mike McGuire]… “We’ve gonefrom abundance to scarcity… “During the last two years, we’ve lost over 95 percent of the Sacramento River winter-run chinook and over 95 percent of the fall-run Chinook.”… things are expected to be even worse this year… Something’s going on in the ocean — State officials and scientists spoke on the unprecedented changes in the ocean believed to be impacting crab, salmon and other fish populations… These include the massive deaths of sea stars, thedecline of the squid fishery, the closure of the sardine fishery, the decline of kelp habitatand the loss of most of the red sea urchins north of San Francisco recently…

Mad River Union, Feb 18, 2016: Ocean behavior alarming, puzzling… The following is one of several stories about the crab and fisheries calamities… [Bonham] testified that menacing changes are altering both marine biology and ecology and the changes do not fit historical understandings of ocean behavior. Bonham declared grimly, “This should be anexclamation alarm to the general public to stay aware and engaged in the ecological change going on in the ocean.”… [M]ost of the red urchin population has perished, moving from abundance to scarcity in just a few years.Mile-long stretches of the North Coast [are]urchin barrens,” Bonham stated… There have emerged “very never-seen-before things“… The salmon outlook remains unfavorable… The Sacramento winter run “really raises the existential threat of extinction,” he testified… [T]oxic contamination generated by algal blooms may spread well beyond crabs and urchins, raising sinister unknowns, Bonham predicted warily. “Why not more and more species one right after another?” he asked…

Daily Astorian, Feb 18, 2016: Marine mammal strandings concern experts; A humpback whale that washed ashore in Seaside was one of several strandings… In the past few weeks, a humpback whale washed ashore in Seaside, and a harbor porpoise and two striped dolphins were found on the North Coast…


9 thoughts on ““Historic crisis” along US West Coast

  1. Something’s going on in the ocean and it’s not right. Hmmmm could it be RADIATION MAYBE? Or, how about ALL THAT GARBAGE THEY ARE SPRAYING OUT THERE??

  2. What a total pile of horse pucky. These ass wipes know exactly what is going on with the ocean, but just pretend to be ignorant of the cause to cover their own asses. Keep selling the dying creatures in the ocean for food as long as the sheeple will keep buying them. Keep harvesting the kelp for supplements knowing that they are poisoned. Corporations and their fawning politicians make me sick. For that fact, they are making every buyer of their poisons sick as well. When the sea is totally dead they will wring their hands and cry “we didn’t know what was wrong”. That’s when you hang the bastards.

      1. There is no saving the ocean, or the fools who eat the seafood. In fact the entire world is threatened by the radiation. I don’t believe there is anything that can be done to reverse the damage, but the politicians are just stalling for time, hoping that something will save them. So there is no need to rush the hangings, the people are waking up and it will be much easier to hang them when we have more help.

  3. Still a big mystery to government funded scientists. Just can’t figure out what might be causing the North Pacific Ocean to just up and die. Gosh! What could it possibly be?

    1. Yep. When can we get private/non-government scientists out there? Oh wait. That would mean they would have to reveal the truth. Can’t have that now, can we?

  4. ““Something’s going on in the ocean, and it’s not right, and it doesn’t fit our historical understandings,” California Fish and Wildlife Director Chuck Bonham told members of the committe…”

    Yea and I’m sure it has absolutely NOTHING to do with Fukushima. It can’t be. Nope, maybe it’s climate change, maybe it’s pollution, maybe it’s that time of the month, maybe they are killing themselves because the whole world has gone mad and have become idiocracy and they can’t take it anymore, maybe someone shit too much in the ocean and it has finally come back to poison them.

    ANYTHING but Fukushima!

    SHHH!!!! Don’t mention that “F” word! It’s a dirty 9 letter word! 😉


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