Hollyweird is stuck on stupid: Gina Rodriguez’s “Dreamers” series hopes to rid America of the term “illegal”

Fellowship of the Minds – by DCG

Why is following the law so hard for folks to understand? I hope this series bombs.

From LA Times: By all appearances, Rafael Agustin had been the all-American high school student: he was class president, prom king and an honor roll student. But there was one hitch: he was also in the country illegally.

It was a discovery Agustin learned while applying for college in 1998 — before there was a program like the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).  

“I was in shock,” the Ecuador-born writer-performer recalled during a recent phone interview with The Times. “I knew I was an immigrant — I remember a time when I didn’t speak English. But I didn’t know we were undocumented illegal immigrants.”

Agustin, now a U.S. citizen who received his undergraduate and post-graduate degrees from UCLA’s School of Theater, Film & Television, has channeled that experience and created a series inspired by his life about an immigrant family, tentatively titled “Illegal.” The series is in development at the CW and is expected to be an hour-long dramedy that Agustin describes as an edgy Latino version of “The Wonder Years.”

The announcement came a day after the Trump administration’s decision to dismantle DACA, which has provided hundreds of thousands of young immigrants the ability to work legally in the U.S. and a temporary reprieve from deportation.

“Illegal” is one of two immigrant-related series that “Jane the Virgin” star Gina Rodriguez has in development under an overall deal at CBS TV Studios for her I Can & I Will Productions. (The other, “Have Mercy,” is set up at CBS.)

LA Times interviewed these two and you can read the whole interview here.

The Times asked Gina, “What emotions were you feeling last Tuesday when it was announced Trump was dismantling the DACA program?”

Her response: “For me personally I was just devastated. My heart breaks for these young kids that are just trying. America just seems real brutal these days. Everything that I’ve grown up with and thought America stood for has just been destroyed by this administration time and time again. I’m just so afraid for young kids who fear not having anywhere to go. I just wish I could change it all, but I can’t.”

Hey Gina: If the kids really wanna try, have them go here.


Fellowship of the Minds

9 thoughts on “Hollyweird is stuck on stupid: Gina Rodriguez’s “Dreamers” series hopes to rid America of the term “illegal”

  1. Hollywood holds huge fundraisers for these infiltrating SOB’s.They bring in $millions of dollars and millions of ILLEGAL ALIENS!

    Gina Rodriquez’s uses slave labor to clean her goddamn toilets! How many couch casting calls you dumb broad?

  2. Oh, so they are going to get rid of the word “Illegal” so like Illegal Assault Rifles?
    Illegal dogs
    Illegal traffic violations? you know stuff like that?

    BTW idiots, try being “illegal” in any other country, including the one you came from originally

    when you find that out , lets talk

  3. I know there is controversy concerning The Statue of Liberty and understand the mixed emotions around that, but beyond its history or any darker political intentions, for many she represents freedom. I still want to love and embrace her as that; I can’t seem to surrender that. Here’s a poem I deem powerful and wrenching. It was written by Henry back in the 90’s:

    Bastards of Freedom

    Mother of Freedom,
    she’s spread her legs to the seas,
    let lots of dirty things inside

    Lady of Liberty,
    I’m afraid I see a naughty girl’s look in your eyes
    I want to cry when we hang our heads
    and say our lady’s become so unclean

    My mother, it angers me,
    I see you there on your knees,
    you’re caught and I just can’t deny,
    Mother, at my expense,
    you’ve lost your innocence
    and dirtied our family name

    I would have died for you,
    now you’ve proved untrue,
    you’re lost and I know who’s to blame

    I cared too much for me,
    I let my mother be exposed to a deadly disease
    It’s eating her pride away
    now she can’t look at me as I bleed
    ‘neath the Liberty Tree


    1. What a great poem,

      Belongs on every chalkboard in every elementary school in America, you’re one hell of a poet Henry.

  4. “What emotions were you feeling last Tuesday when it was announced Trump was dismantling the DACA program?”

    One emotion… UTTER CONTEMPT!

    Because I know he’s full of sh#t.

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